Eleven is a young adult novel by author Lauren Myracle. It is the first book in a series about a girl named Winnie; the subsequent works in the series are Twelve and Thirteen and Thirteen Plus One. In Eleven, Winnie experiences friendship troubles. Winnie is best friends with Amanda and Chantelle until a new girl, snobby, selfish and mean but popular Gail Grayson comes into the school and befriends Amanda and Chantelle but not Winnie.


  • Winifred "Winnie" S. Perry is the main character of the book, and the story is told through her perspective. She is described as pretty, with long brown hair and brown eyes. She always tries to be nice, except to Gail Grayson. She is creative and funny. She is also somewhat of a tomboy, somewhat girly and loves her little brother Ty very much. She tries to deal with Sandra, but it is hard. Her best friends at first are Amanda and Chantelle, but after she loses them to Gail, her best friend becomes Dinah Devine. Winnie also has a crush on a boy named Toby Rinehart, a shy, talented artist.
  • Tyler "Ty" Perry is Winnie's adorable but sometimes trouble making younger brother. He is four years old. He has brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Sandra Perry is Winnie's stubborn 15-year-old sister. Sandra overreacts and usually experiences mood swings. She works at Baskin Robbins with her boyfriend Bo, a high school baseball player. She is beautiful, with blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Ellen Perry is Winnie's mother. She accidentally sometimes scares her kids when trying to make them feel better.
  • Joel Perry is Winnie's father. He is humorous, but is not home often. He works with Dinah's father.
  • Dinah Devine is a girl with no friends who befriends Winnie throughout the book. Dinah lost her mother as an infant and was excited that Winnie would like to be friends with her. She has four cats: Gypsy, Muffet, Buffy and Katzy. She is close to her dad and, although she needs one, doesn't wear a bra. She is chubby and pale, with light blonde hair and blue eyes she sometimes acts younger than she is, she is very girly.
  • Amanda Wilson is Winnie's best friend at the beginning of the book. Throughout the book, Amanda matures, while Winnie stays back and still acts childish. This influences Amanda to start drifting away from Winnie as she befriends Gail. She and Winnie remain friends, just not best friends. Amanda is very fashionable and popular. She is beautiful, with long blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles she is said to have hair like Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Gail Grayson is a girl who often picks on Winnie because she wants to steal Amanda and Chantelle's friendship from Winnie. She thinks she's the boss of everyone, very stylish, and is jealous that Dinah is better than her in Chinese jump rope. Because of that she forces all of the girls in her grade to stop playing it. Near the end of the book, Gail reacts badly to Winnie saying she's not the boss of things because she wears a bra. Some of the few of her group start to leave her, but she remains best friends with Amanda.
  • Mr. Devine is Dinah's father. He wore an embarrassing Superman outfit at Winnie's father's Halloween party he is very protective of his daughter.
  • Chantelle is Winnie's second-best friend at the beginning of the book. She starts drifting away to Gail with Amanda. She also is close with her cousins and has a crush on Tyrone.
  • Karen is a girl from Winnie's school. Her best friend is Louise, whom she does everything with. They are the type of best friends that dress like each other.
  • Louise is another girl from Winnie's school and is best friends with Karen. She was the bossiest girl in Winnie's grade until Gail came along. She also started Chinese jump rope as a game during recess.
  • Maxine is another girl from Winnie's school.
  • Bo Sanders is Sandra's exteremely cute boyfriend. He also works with Sandra at Baskin Robins, and treats Winnie with much respect, which is what she likes about him. He is very sweet, and has big muscles and blond hair. He's also on the baseball team.
  • Toby Rinehart is Winnie's crush. He has pinkeye and gets embarrassed easily.
  • Peter is a boy from Winnie's school.
  • Alex Plotkin is the most disliked boy in Winnie's class, he is annoying, foolish, hyper and a troublemaker. Winnie was asked to skate with him by her assistant principal on the last day of school at the 5th grade ice skate party because nobody wants to go with him. He asks Dinah to the Valentine's Day celebration.
  • Lacey is a girl from Winnie's school.
  • Cara is a girl from Winnie's school.


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