Elephanti is a location-based shopping mobile app and website designed to connect shoppers with their favorite brands, stores and venues. Users can create profiles to follow their favorite stores and receive exclusive offers and promotions via the app. Elephanti had a soft launch at Internet Week New York[1] in May of 2012, where they presented the mobile app and website to industry leaders[2].

In 2010, Founder and CEO of Elephanti Lalin Michael Jinasena recruited a team of young graduates in Sri Lanka, and within 1 and half years, designed and developed Elephanti. “I recognized the lack of a social platform that is dedicated to both shoppers and merchants and in which people can find and interact with their favorite places and brands without cluttering up their social spaces” says Founder and CEO Lalin Michael Jinasena.

The app was officially launched on the App Store on 3rd September 2012, followed by an Android version on 9th November 2012. The mobile app and website are both free to use for users and merchants.


Elephanti is a web and mobile application that allows registered users to keep connected with the stores, brands and venues they frequently shop at.

Merchant Profile

Businesses can create merchant profiles on Elephanti and choose from five different business types; single store or venue, chain store or venue, mall, department store and freelancer modules [3] . They can then define their line of business, and populate their profile to include photos and their product/service catalog. Elephanti allows businesses to publish store or venue updates, the offers they have in-store, their business specialties and contact information.

If the merchant is a restaurant or an F&B establishment, they have the option to enable the ‘Reserve’ or ‘Order’ module, which allows users to reserve a table or order from the merchant menu via the Elephanti App. To do so, users will need to be within close proximity to the merchant store or venue.

User Profile

Elephanti members can build their Elephanti Profile to reflect their shopping interests and follow the brands, stores and venues that they choose. Users can also upload photos and connect with friends and family on the app. The Elephanti App recommends stores, promotions and offers to users that have a direct interest in the merchants’ type of store, the merchant’s business specialties or the products and services they offer [4].

Following Brands, Stores and Venues

Elephanti users can follow brands, stores and venues to receive real-time updates on news and events in-store, as well as to have access to exclusive Elephanti offers and promotions from the brands, stores and venues they follow [5].


Elephanti’s Check-in feature allows registered users to check-in to any Store or Venue on the App, when they are nearby. Whenever a user decides to check-in to a place, they are automatically entitled to an exclusive Elephanti check-in discount, and any offers or promotions the merchant has in-store[6].

Users can choose to share their check-ins, as well as a merchant’s profile, products or promotions on their social networking accounts via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Elephanti members can review their past check-ins with a history page. This function allows users to view their active and most recent check-ins.

Catalog, Search and Lists

Elephanti Merchants are able to upload their product and service catalog on Elephanti. By creating a catalog, a merchant can become more discoverable on the app when users search for an item similar to a merchant catalog item.

Elephanti’s search function allows users to conduct a manual search for products, items, services, people and freelancers on the app, enabling users to discover nearby places for what they are looking for [7].

Elephanti Shopping Lists allow a user to create a list of items or services they wish to purchase. By activating their Shopping List on the Elephanti App, users are able to discover nearby places that sell items on the user’s Shopping list .

Gift Lists enable a user to create a ‘wish list’ of items they want. This list is displayed on the user’s profile.


Elephanti enables a user’s interests to guide the merchant offers that the app recommends. Merchants can easily customize offers via the merchant website to promote a product, service or discount. Types of offers available on the Elephanti App include; storewide discount, minimum spend offer, birthday offer and item discount.

Advertising on Elephanti follows a pay per Check-in system [8].“ I found that many companies were spending a lot of money on online and social media advertising with poor results. As opposed to pay-per-impressions and pay-per-click advertising, I wanted Elephanti to offer a Return on Investment (ROI) that is unprecedented, and so the idea of pay per check-in was conceived,” said Mr Lalin Michael Jinasena.

Merchants are able to create an advertisement via the ‘Ad Center’ Module on the Elephanti website. Merchant Ads are only shown to users that take an interest in the type of Merchant store or the business specialties, brands or products they offer. “With Elephanti’s innovative ad model, merchants only have to pay if they create an ad, and see results – offers are free to list and payment only occurs when a member checks into their store after seeing an offer in the app,” Elephanti CEO Lalin Jinasena says [9].“.


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