Ek Var Piyu Ne Malva Aavje is a 2006 Dhollywood romantic action film produced by Gunvant Thakor, Ramesh Patel, directed by Harsukh Patel, starring Hiten Kumar, Vikram Thakor, Firoz Irani, Minaxi, Mamata Soni, Jayendra Maheta, Jaimini Trivedi and Mayur Vankani in the lead roles.


This story is about Vikram and Radha.Vikram love Radha and Radha love Vikram, but Radha's father (Vajesang Thakor) don't like Vikram because Vikram is a little stage singer and so poor while Vajesang Thakor is so rich.


  • Hiten Kumar as Suraj
  • Vikram Thakor as Vikram
  • Firoj Irani as Roopsinh
  • Minaxi as Tejal
  • Mamata Soni as Radha
  • Jayendra Maheta as Vajesang Thakor
  • Jaimini Trivedi as Kadavi Foi
  • Mayur Vankani as Popat


The film's production company, Jay Shree Mahaveer was founded by Gunvant Thakor and Ramesh Patel in 2006.


The music of the film is given by Appu and all the songs were composed and written by Gunvant Thakor. The music album was release in Jay Shree Mahaveer Audio.

No. TitleArtist(s) Length
1. "Ek Var Piyu Ne Malva Aavje (Happy Version)"  Vikram Thakor, Dipali Saumaiya 4:55
2. "Hu Rangilo Hu Mojilo"  Vikram Thakor, Nayan Rathod 4:56
3. "Gori Taro Latakore"  Arvind Barot, Dipali Saumaiya 4:58
4. "Kadaju Kapi Jivado Kadhu"  Vikram Thakor, Dipali Saumaiya 8:06
5. "Ek Var Piyu Ne Malva Aavje (Sad Version)"  Vikram Thakor 5:20
6. "Prem Gori Taro Kem Kari Bhulay"  Vikram Thakor 3:52
7. "Khili Khili Chandarmani Raat"  Vikram Thakor, Shilpa Thakor 2:20
8. "Rajwadi Chhiye Ame Maan Bher Rahiye"  Vikram Thakor 2:43
9. "Doshino Sanedo"  Vikram Thakor 2:27
10. "Gori Taro Latakore"  Nayan Rathod, Dipali Saumaiya 5:00
11. "Sajani Morire..."  Vikram Thakor, Dipali Saumaiya 5:49
12. "Ek Var Piyu Ne Malva Aavje (Instrumental)"  - 3:45


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