Ecological Waste Management

Philippines is encountering so many problems today. One of these is the destruction of our Mother Nature. Incineration, Illegal Logging, improper disposal of wastes and pollution- this is just the examples of catastrophe that our Mother Nature is facing. The improper behavior of humans today is the one who mainly destroys it and they are the one who benefits the most. Not knowing that our Mother Nature is now suffering in so much pain.

This could be the worst possible problem that the Philippines has encountered, and that is solid wastes. It has been a problem for many years. Solid wastes are unwanted solid materials such as garbage, paper, plastics and other synthetic materials, metals, and wood that affects the health of our environment.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) proclaimed the Republic Act # 9003 (otherwise known as Ecological Solid Waste Management) as the reason and solution for eradicating too much pollution in our country and to warn us that we must be aware on what they are doing because in just one move, they ruin now the beauty and the existence of our Mother Nature.

People who follows the presence of the Ecological Waste Management is one of the best decision one can make to achieve the most beautiful and cleanest country of all and here are some benefits if you will follow this rule.

First, you can have money by selling non-biodegradable materials like plastic cups, bottles and cans, Second, Composting using natural biological processes also helps you to speed the decomposition of organic wastes which is an effective strategy for dealing with organic garbage and produces a material that can be used as a natural fertilizer that helps plants to grow faster. Third, it will lessen the population of harmful insects such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects that might transmit unwanted diseases that can harm our body. Third, if you plant trees, it will help sip the water when floods are present during or after typhoons. Lastly, dispose your waste properly for a better community.

There are still have a cure for the sick of our Mother Nature. One of this that people mainly know is Recycling (otherwise known for repeating process). Recycling plays a significant, informal role in solid waste management. If an individual will do this, He also plays a delegate role in our Environment and he is the medicine to cure the illness of our Mother Nature. Expanding recycling programs worldwide can help reduce solid waste problems and pollution and it is us who will benefit the most if we will do this.

Our Government is now taking actions in maintaining the cleanliness of our country but that is not enough if all of us will not cooperate with them. As of now, there are still some of us is tenacious in throwing garbage and our Government is having a troublesome work on how people will convince on participating on the implementation of Ecological Waste Management.

Think about the future, the future always depends on us and will never stop believe on us. Care on the family whose children is sick because of disobedience in our own Nature.

Being able to do this will definitely help you to achieve what you want for your daily life and also for the good of the next generation.

These things that I have stated hold my assumption and I hope that you are convinced on how extremely the Ecological Waste Management is important to us.

By: Francis Frederick Bautista of II- SSC PYTHAGORAS JGMNHS

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