Easy Computer Sync, developed by Bravura Software is a commercial utility program used to synchronize files and folders between computers, using an Easy Transfer Cable. The Bravura Software website states that this is one of the few programs designed for this cable, making it one of the fastest ways to transfer data to or from a Netbook or Laptop.[1]


Easy Computer Sync is designed for anyone who wants to synchronize data between two computers, but without knowledge of computer networking, firewalls, or passwords. Because it is designed for the USB 2.0 Easy Transfer Cable, the user can simply plug in the cable between two computers, and then synchronize the two computers when prompted to launch the software (through Windows Autoplay).

Once Easy Computer Sync starts, it guides the user through the process of making sure that the computers are connected, and then choosing the folders to synchronize.

Easy Computer Sync allows the user to synchronize commonly used folders such as 'My Documents', 'My Pictures', or 'My Music' between computers. It also supports synchronizing any other folders the user chooses. It also saves the user's selections for each specific computer connected, so that they don't have to remember which folders to synchronize each time they connect another computer.

Reviews and notability

Easy Computer Sync was written about in a number of newspapers, magazines, and websites, for example:

  • its launch press release was carried by all the major networks, like CNN, CNBC, Reuters, CBS, FoxNews, etc...[2]
  • it is described by a major hardware and gadget oriented website[3]
  • it is reviewed, with video, on the Netbook oriented Blog The Acer Guy[4]


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