eSports@Jeff is a joint venture between Purdue University and Lafayette Jefferson High School in Lafayette, IN to bring web based content of sports games to fans. It is the first system of its kind in the nation to be installed in a high school.[1]


How it began

Before the summer of 2007, with the help of a grant from the Motorola Foundation, Purdue University approached Jefferson High School with a proposal to set up a system at the high school's stadium similar to Purdue's own eStadium to bring web content to fans at home games. A group of students were selected from three different areas of study to work on the project: engineering, radio-TV broadcasting, and computer programming.[1]

Summer setup

Jeff students spent the summer learning how to code and creating a website from scratch without the aid of any web design software that would allow fans to view the content. Students also had to set up the system to capture and prepare the content.[citation needed]


Jefferson High School was selected from three other schools in the area because of its strong Radio-TV program as well as the most advanced facilities.[citation needed]


  • Purdue University
  • CWSA (Center for Wireless Systems and Applications)
  • Envision Center
  • ITAP (Information Technology at Purdue)



eStadium is the football side of the eSports@Jeff franchise. Inside Scheuman Stadium at Jeff, there are three wireless access points set up to allow fans to access the eStadium@Jeff website from any Wi-Fi enabled device. Users can also visit the site via their cell phone's internet browser.

A feature of the site that was not anticipated was the benefit that is had for relatives of players who could not make it to the games. By logging on to their computers from home or even across the country, people could search for instant replays by player name or even watch the entire game play by play. The delay between the time the play occurs and when it can be viewed online can be as little as 25 seconds.[citation needed]


Users on the website can view instant replays of games, player and team statistics, the team roster, the concession stand menu, current temp and radar, a link to the WJEF radio coverage of the game, as well as post messages on a message board that could be displayed on the stadium's video board.

System components

  • Two Canon GL2 digital cameras used on football field
  • Two JVC Field/Studio cameras used in stands
  • Mac Pro for video encoding
  • Non-linear editor
  • Video Switcher
  • 16x16 video router
  • Three MacBooks for site maintenance and statistics.


The project has received large amounts of publicity from both local and national papers, online news sources, sports related websites, as well as state and local television.



eCourt is the basketball component of the eSports@Jeff franchise.

eCourt differs from eStadium in a sense that its target is not be fans at the games but rather fans at home. The site features a streaming webcast during the entire duration of the game, the score, live statistics, the team rosters, and the concession stand menu.[citation needed]


Plans for eSports include expanding both systems to include more features as well as possibly expanding into other sports. There is also the possibility of applications in the classroom.[citation needed]


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