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eCornell is an online learning company established and wholly owned by Cornell University, an Ivy League university located in Ithaca, New York, U.S. eCornell offers both certificate programs and professional development courses, to provide individuals and corporations a comprehensive online, professional and executive development curriculum.[1]

eCornell was created in 2000 as a for-profit subsidiary of Cornell University to develop and deliver online courses.

eCornell’s professional development programs are developed, designed and authored by one or more faculty from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, School of Hotel Administration, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and the College of Engineering. Through an interactive online course environment, practical and essential business and management skills are taught.[2][not in citation given] Courses offer embedded interviews with Cornell faculty, online access to library reference guides, and additional professional and executive education opportunities at Cornell.


eCornell courses, led by live instructors, are delivered in virtual classrooms.[3] Each program lasts for a period of two weeks, during which students work at their own pace. Course work is interactive, focusing on solutions and strategies to help meet current real-world situations students may face in the work place.[4] Instruction is scenario-based, immersing students into situations and case studies, combining simulations, readings, online discussions, self-assessments and short written assignments.[5]

In eCornell courses, individuals interact with both instructors and peer groups to collectively develop and apply learned knowledge. Courses also provide “Ask the Expert” interviews with Cornell University faculty as well as online access to library resources.

Certificate Programs

eCornell courses are designed for professionals and executives working within management or human resource industries. Certificate programs are aimed at providing students with an edge in the areas of Leadership and Strategic Management, Financial Management, Management Essentials, Human Resources Management, Project Leadership and Hospitality and Foodservice Management.[6]

Leadership and Strategic Management

A series of four leadership development training programs from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management and the School of Hotel Administration. Participants who successfully complete the courses within the program receive a certificate from Cornell University.

Courses in the Leadership and Strategic Management series are designed to enable mid- and senior-level managers and executives to think and plan strategically, optimize decision making, generate new ideas and identify opportunities for change. Students apply career experience to determine how to become an effective corporate leader and to build business management skills.[7]

Project Leadership and Systems Design

The Project Leadership program is a six-course certificate series from Cornell University’s College of Engineering is designed for the Project Management Professional (PMP), project managers, and business managers. Courses are designed to distinguish project leadership from project management and develop the leadership skills for success. Through group projects, case studies, and tool sets, the Project Leadership series aims to improve leadership skills to build and manage teams, monitor and control project performance, and develop persuasion capabilities.

The Project Leadership certificate series is based on the research and teaching of Cornell University Professor Frank J. Wayno, Ph.D. Participants who successfully complete the courses within the program receive a certificate from Cornell University.

The Systems Approach to Product and Service Design from Cornell University’s College of Engineering is designed for professional engineers and managers who wish to integrate a proven design methodology into their processes. The methodology, developed by Cornell University's Peter L. Jackson, Director of the Systems Engineering Program at the College of Engineering, incorporates elements of design for six sigma and systems engineering principles. The program is unique in its behavior approach to design which emphasizes customer requirements. Participants who successfully complete the courses within the program receive a certificate from Cornell University.

Financial Management

Certificate series and professional development courses in financial management from Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration gives students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the time value of money. Financial management courses are built around a problem-based approach to learning, coupled with realistic case studies and scenarios.

The financial management series is designed to teach financial terminology and concepts to non-financial managers to increase financial performance, competitiveness and bring measurable results to organizations.[8] Students make and asses critical decisions about investments and other cash flow situations.

Management Essentials

Certificate series and professional management training from Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and the School of Hotel Administration. Courses are intended to give students a competitive edge by developing key supervisory, management and financial skills.

The management essentials series is designed to improve the communications skills necessary for managers to fulfill workplace responsibilities including hiring, preventing and addressing conflict, managing time, and leading employees. Courses address interviewing techniques, conflict resolution, and methods of increasing productivity and morale while reducing stress. [1]

Human Resources

eCornell offers human resources management training for management and professional skills development from Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Courses are designed to build skills critical to the field of human resources.

A human resources certificate from eCornell is intended to increase effective communication and performance by managing employees.

Hospitality and Foodservice Management

A certificate series that covers important aspects of hospitality and foodservice management from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. Courses are designed to teach students key techniques associated with marketing, financial analysis, and accounting in the hospitality industry. [9]

Through analysis, students learn to identify strategic opportunities through research and analysis and later create and implement a strategic plan to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Other Programs

Plant Based Nutrition

A six week, three course certificate covering the fundamentals of nutrition with a focus on a whole-food plant-based diet. Utilizing results from The China Study, which details the connection between diet and disease, Nutrition Fundamentals is authored by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Ph. D., a professor of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University.

Topics covered in the course include the state of health and healthcare in the U.S., fundamentals of nutrition, as well as the results of Dr. Campbell’s China Study.

Nutrition Fundamentals is created in partnership with the T. Colin Campbell Foundation.[10][11]

Corporate Programs

In the fall of 2002 eCornell signed their first corporate contracts. Over twenty companies agreed to participate in a pilot program of courses and receive survey data on student satisfaction and performance.

Corporate programs are targeted to mid- and senior-level leadership; emerging managers; human resource staff; and other high potentials identified by an organization.[12]


Instructors are available to students through email, chat rooms, and discussion boards. Additionally, instructors at eCornell maintain office hours for student support.[5]

On March 3, 2009 eCornell formally announced its new brand identity, logo, and website.

eCornell’s new logo replaces its original logo which was adopted shortly after the company’s founding. The new logo communicates eCornell’s close ties to Cornell University and reflects the tighter integration of eCornell into the strategic goals of many of Cornell’s colleges. The new mark uses the same typography from Cornell’s logotype and integrates a portion of the Cornell insignia. The new logo adopts the same red as Cornell to strengthen the visual alignment with the university.

In addition, the logo’s iconic shape is unique to eCornell, retains a strong splash of color to enhance its visibility, and is very versatile allowing for a variety of color combinations for use in different applications and media.

The logo’s first formal public use was on eCornell’s new website,

Board of directors

Phil Young, chairman, partner in U.S. Venture Partners and member on the Cornell University Board of Trustees
Paul Gould [2], managing director and executive vice president of Allen & Company, member of the Cornell University Board of Trustees and chair of the Investment Committee
Ralph Terkowitz, partner at ABS Capital Partners
Jeff Berg, president of JFB Consulting Partners, member of the Cornell University Board of Trustees
Andrew Tisch, Co-chairman of Loews Corporation, member of the Cornell University Board of Trustees
David Zalaznick, Senior Managing Director of the Jordan Company, member of the Cornell University Board of Trustees
Chris Proulx, president and CEO of eCornell


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