ECMW Films is a United States based film company specializing in special effects. They are most known for being kid movie makers and are growing in popularity on youtube.

Early Years 2010-2011

The company was originally named Ethan Clerc Magic Weekly after Ethan Clerc started to like doing magic tricks and illusions. He wanted to create his own online magic review video series. So he created the Ethan Clerc Magic Weekly. A comedy, puppet filled show. After dealing with criticism of having a stupid internet show, he wanted to make something better. Filming for him at this time was mearly a fun thing. Not a art. His life would soon turn around.

ECMW Films Years 2011-present

ECMW Films was formed after Ethan was tired of saying the long drawn out Ethan Clerc Magic Weekly. He thought that the company needed a new name for it to grow and catch on. On November 1st 2011 on the official site and on the youtube channel he changed the name officially. Branding has now been a lot easier for the company to put there name on t-shirts and other products. The company now produces short films and special effects filled shorts. They continually try to put about 1 video on a week and they try to maintain their slowly growing second channel "ECMWBonus"

FIVE Webseries

FIVE is a webseries currently going through production. FIVE was created by Ethan Clerc after watching a TV show about post apocalyptic times. Ethan wanted to create something that would be remembered for a long time, thus FIVE was created. The main goal is to show survival skills performed by kids. Story:"FIVE" takes place after Nuclear warfare rips apart the world. 5 kids left in a small town must find food, shelter, and water to stay alive. They must also protect themselves from hostile mauraders who will try to steal there food and hurt the kids. "FIVE" is directed by Ethan Clerc and is run through ECMW


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