Dylan Hyde is a 15 year old from San Diego just following his dream. He was born on Jan. 22 1997 into a line of performers. Terry Walker, Dylan's grandfather, was an admired Las Vegas hoofer. Dyaln's personal career started at age 4 when he began to sing karaoke. As Dylan got older his interest in music grew when he learned to play guitar, drums, and piano. He also is quite the actor. Dylan often had a lead role in CYT. CYT helped lead Dylan to be discovered by Crissy Field Records. Crissy Field Records have helped coach him vocally ever since. Also to add, he loves bowties, icecream, lemons, and the color blue!

==His Career==

Dylan Hyde

File:Dylan Hyde.jpg

Dylan Hyde is now busy recording with Crissy Field Records. He is also famous for his youtube covers to various songs. He made it into The Huffington Post Top 10 in the best Justin Bieber "Die In Your Arms" cover.

He isn't looking to try to replace Bieber either! In many interviews he calls Justin Bieber an inspiration. He also comments on how he wants to be more of a Frank Sinatra or Micheal Buble.

He also has released two singles, Running Free, and Love Is. These are available on itunes.

He is also filiming a Youtube series called, "Amazed". Check it out!

Richard Allen's Amazed Episode 1 - Flashlight11:49

Richard Allen's Amazed Episode 1 - Flashlight

With over 39,000 followers on twitter Dylan Hyde might just be a new star!

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