"Dying in Your Arms" is a 2005 single written by Matt Heafy. It is the eighth track on Trivium's second album Ascendancy. The Ascendancy Special Edition also includes the music video for the song, the song being performed live and the single edit of the song. The song was nominated for the Kerrang! Award for Best Single.

Track listing

  1. Dying in Your Arms (Video Mix) - 3:05
  2. Blinding Tears Will Break The Skies - 5:40
  3. Washing Away Me In The Tides - 3:41

Song meaning

"Being with someone can be like an addiction. Gradually, you can't stand to be without them, everything you once enjoyed- you no longer care about, you become weak and dependent. Like a heroin addiction - you think you can live without it, but you're gradually dying inside and out. Break free." - Matt Heafy [1]

Music video

In the music video for this song, the band can be seen performing live on a stage, and doing some back-stage activities. The live footage and backstage footage is mostly recorded at The Limelight in Belfast, Northern Ireland in its Spring & Airbrake section.

The audio track on the video is the single edit of the song, featuring differences from the album version such as 3:05 length (as opposed to 2:52 on the album), an added piano introduction, metalcore screaming vocals being replaced with clean vocals, increased vocal volume, and an audible tambourine during the chorus.


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