Dustin Harvie (D-Harv, Bubz) is a Mid-Western Nova Scotian basketball/baseball player. Harvie is an Atlantic Bantam Baseball Champion, as well as a Regional Junior High Basketball Champion.

Harvie was adopted at the age of 2 by Carmen White & Jackie Harvie. He was originally born in the third-world country of India. Dustin was born opn September 11th, 1996, and is quite proud of his date of birth since it is the same date as the 9-11 attack in New York City.

Dustin is a superior athlete and an above average student. His knowledge of several different components in the sciences aids in his ability to help others. He plans on partaking in a Kinesiology road after high school, and is thus far on the right track. This young man attends Hants North Rural High school in Kennetcook.

Harvie is best known for his massive wheeling and his love for grape drink. His most famous quotes include, "Jab!", "Scavange", and even "Big Massive."

Dustin's beard has been described as a wonderful, majestic cornucopia of hair.

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