Background Dr Drew Lo, (born some time in the 20th) is a Mexican astrophysicist of German, Italian and French extraction. Lo, whose speciality is in the field of carbon-oxygen rich double chemistry planetary nebulae, has worked effortlessly with other humans to bring us closer to understanding asymmetric Planetary Nebulae. She is rumoured to be one of only two Mexicans with red hair.

Lo is a Doctor of Astrophysics at Manchester university. On 28 March 2012, she fell of her bike... twice. Fortunately, Polly wasn't injured. She is also rumoured to be a sexy space robot lady. Until 8 January 2010, sexy space robot ladies were thought to be fictitious creatures to be found only in the minds of men suffering from microcephaly.

Several German scientists have been studying the Drew Lo for a few years and have deduced that the optimal environmental conditions needed for continued health and well being include places with high levels of rainfall, low levels of sunlight and low altitudes. Arid, high altitude locations, normally selected as ideal locations for large telescope arrays are dangerous and can lead to darkening of the skin, hardening of the soul and possibly even death!

Since her departure to her homeland of Meh-ico, there has been a reported drop in the luminosity level in the North-West of England. Its just a little bit more dim without her.

Personal life Drew Lo is very easy going and as such has explicitly stated that she would like to meet and settle down someone with the brains of Albert Einstein and the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately, most Mancunians have the brains of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the body of Albert Einstein.


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