The Dream Evil Tour is the fourth major concert tour by British metal band Dio, supporting their fourth album, Dream Evil.


Dream Evil was not a success for Dio, though it charted number 8 in the UK and 43 in the US it quickly fell off the charts, despite the successful hits "I Could Have Been a Dreamer" and "All The Fools Sailed Away". However, the tour supporting the album was large, spanning nearly 110 gigs over 7 months. After a few one-off shows, the tour began with a few weeks in Europe, from August-September 1987, supported by Helloween. After two months off, broken with only a gig at the Japan Aid festival in October, A second European leg followed, lasting a few weeks in November 1987, supported by Warlock, who also supported their UK leg, which lasted 2 weeks in December. The rest of the tour would be 4 months across US arenas, from December 1987-March 1988. Megadeth and Savatage were the support acts. The show in Donington (August 22, 1987) was recorded and released as Dio At Donington.

The tour featured an even more massive stage set than the Sacred Heart Tour, with a big stainless steel spider, knights, and pyrotechnics on stage. Before the Nurnburg (August 29, 1987) show, Their truck broke and considerable damage was done to the instruments, they had to borrow Helloween's drums.

This would be the last tour with guitarist Craig Goldy, who left afterwards.


For the first time many changes in the set happened throughout the tour. The pre-tour shows debuted five of the nine songs from Dream Evil, with "Night People", "Overlove", "Faces In The Window", and "When A Woman Cries" excluded. The set for these shows consisted of:

  1. "Stand Up and Shout"
  2. "Dream Evil"
  3. "Neon Knights" (Originally by Black Sabbath)
  4. "Rock And Roll Children"
  5. "Naked In The Rain"
  6. "I Could Have Been A Dreamer"
  7. "The Last In Line"
  8. "Heaven And Hell" (Originally by Black Sabbath)
  9. "Man On The Silver Mountain" (Originally by Rainbow)
  10. "All The Fools Sailed Away"
  11. "The Mob Rules" (Originally by Black Sabbath)
  12. "Sunset Superman"
  13. "Stars" (Originally by Hear N Aid)

The setlist on the first European leg would be different, with more songs, consisting of:

  1. "Stand Up And Shout"
  2. "Dream Evil"
  3. "Neon Knights" (Originally by Black Sabbath)
  4. "Naked In The Rain"
  5. "Rock And Roll Children"
  6. "Long Live Rock And Roll" (Originally by Rainbow)
  7. "The Last In Line"-->
  8. "Temple Of The King" --> (Originally by Rainbow) (Excerpt)
  9. "Children Of The Sea" --> (Originally by Black Sabbath) (Excerpt)
  10. "Holy Diver"
  11. Drum solo
  12. "Heaven And Hell" (Originally by Black Sabbath)
  13. "Man On The Silver Mountain" (Originally by Rainbow)
  14. "All The Fools Sailed Away"
  15. "Sunset Superman"
  16. "Rainbow In The Dark"
  17. "We Rock"

On the second European leg, several changes were made, including the addition of "Night People" and "Overlove" the typical set consisted of:

  1. "Stand Up And Shout"
  2. "Dream Evil"
  3. "Neon Knights" (Originally by Black Sabbath)
  4. "Rock And Roll Children"
  5. "Long Live Rock And Roll" (Originally by Rainbow)
  6. "Overlove"
  7. "Naked In The Rain" (With guitar solo)
  8. "The Last In Line"
  9. "Holy Diver"
  10. Drum Solo
  11. "Heaven And Hell" (Originally by Black Sabbath)
  12. "Man On The Silver Mountain" (Originally by Rainbow)
  13. "All The Fools Sailed Away" (With keyboard solo)
  14. "Night People"
  15. "Sunset Superman"
  16. "Rainbow In The Dark"
  17. "We Rock"
  18. "The Mob Rules" (Originally by Black Sabbath)

Finally the US leg set consisted of:

  1. "Stand Up And Shout"
  2. "Dream Evil"
  3. "Night People"
  4. "Naked In The Rain" (With guitar solo)
  5. "The Last In Line"
  6. "Holy Diver"
  7. Drum Solo
  8. "Heaven And Hell" (Originally by Black Sabbath)
  9. "Man On The Silver Mountain" (Originally by Rainbow)
  10. "All The Fools Sailed Away" (With keyboard solo)
  11. "Rock And Roll Children"
  12. "Long Live Rock And Roll" (Originally by Rainbow)
  13. "Rainbow In The Dark"
  14. "We Rock"
  15. "Don't Talk To Strangers"

Occasionally played throughout the tour were:

  • "Faces In The Window" (Played on February 5, 1988)
  • "Time To Burn" (Played on February 5, 1988)
  • "I Could Have Been A Dreamer" (Played on February 5, 1988)
  • "Stars" (Originally by Hear N Aid) (Played on September 1, September 3, and October 4, 1987)

Tour Dates

Date City Country Venue Other Bands
July 31, 1987 Moscow USA Kibbie Dome
August 1, 1987 Irvine Irvine Meadows Ampitheater
August 15, 1987 Hameenlinna Finland Ahveniston Race Circuit Various
August 22, 1987 Donington UK Castle Donington
August 25, 1987 Milan Italy PalaTrussardi
August 26, 1987 Reggio Chionso Arena
August 29, 1987 Nurnburg Germany Nurnburg Fairgrounds Deep Purple



August 30, 1987 Pforzheim FCP Stadium
September 1, 1987 Barcelona Spain Barcelona Sports Palace Helloween
September 3, 1987 Madrid Madrid Sports Pavilion
September 4, 1987
September 5, 1987 Bilbao Casilla Pavilion
One-off Japan show
October 4, 1987 Tokyo Japan Showa Memorial Park Various
November 9, 1987 Freiburg Germany Stadthalle Warlock
November 10, 1987 Strasbourg France Rhenus Hall
November 11, 1987 Dusseldorf Germany Phillipshalle
November 12, 1987 Wurzburg Carl Diem Hall
November 14, 1987 Lausanne Switzerland Hall 18
November 16, 1987 Milan Italy PalaTrussardi
November 17, 1987 Padua Padua Sport Hall
November 19, 1987 Munich Germany Rudi Seldmayer Hall
November 21, 1987 Amsterdam Netherlands Jaap Eden Hall
November 22, 1987 Brussels Belgium Forest National
November 23, 1987 Paris France Le Zenith
November 25, 1987 Offenbach Germany Stadthalle
November 27, 1987 Gothenburg Sweden Scandinavium
November 28, 1987 Stockholm Ice Stadium
November 29, 1987 Copenhagen Denmark KB Hall
November 30, 1987 Hanover Germany Niedersachshenhalle
December 2, 1987 Birmingham UK National Exhibition Center
December 3, 1987 Newcastle Newcastle City Hall
December 5, 1987 London Hammersmith Odeon
December 6, 1987
December 7, 1987
December 9, 1987 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
December 10, 1987 Portsmouth Portsmouth Guildhall
December 11, 1987 Newport Newport Center
December 13, 1987 Edinburgh Playhouse Theater
December 14, 1987 Bradford St. Georges Hall
December 15, 1987 Manchester Manchester Apollo
North America
December 28, 1987 Providence USA Providence Civic Center Megadeth


December 29, 1987 New Haven New Haven Coliseum
December 31, 1987 Uniondale Nassau Coliseum
January 1, 1988 Portland Cumberland County Civic Center
January 2, 1988 Rochester War Memorial Auditorium
January 3, 1988 Binghamton Broome County Arena
January 5, 1988 Ottawa Canada Ottawa Civic Center
January 7, 1988 Quebec City Quebec City Coliseum
January 8, 1988 Montreal Montreal Forum
January 9, 1988 Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens
January 11, 1988 Glen Falls USA Glen Falls Civic Center
January 12, 1988 Philadelphia The Spectrum
January 13, 1988 Baltimore Baltimore Civic Center
January 14, 1988 Charlotte Charlotte Coliseum
January 15, 1988 Hampton Hampton Coliseum
January 16, 1988 Greenville Greenville Memorial Auditorium
January 17, 1988 Norfolk The Scope
January 18, 1988 Nashville Nashville Municipal Auditorium
January 19, 1988 Knoxville Knoxville Civic Coliseum
January 21, 1988 Greensboro Greensboro Coliseum
January 22, 1988 Atlanta The Omni
January 23, 1988 Birmingham Alabama State Fairgrounds
January 25, 1988 Hollywood Hollywood Sportatorium
January 26, 1988 Jacksonville Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum
January 27, 1988 Daytona Beach Ocean Center
January 28, 1988 Tampa USF Sun Dome
January 29, 1988 West Palm Beach Palm Beach Auditorium
January 30, 1988 St. Petersburg Bayfront Center
January 31, 1988 Biloxi Mississippi Coast Coliseum
February 2, 1988 Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Coliseum
February 3, 1988 Houston The Summit
February 4, 1988 Dallas Reunion Arena
February 5, 1988 San Antonio HemisFair Arena
February 6, 1988 Lubbock Lubbock Municipal Coliseum
February 7, 1988 Norman Lloyd Noble Center
February 8, 1988 Dayton Hara Arena
February 9, 1988 Kansas City Kansas Municipal Auditorium
February 10, 1988 Columbus Ohio Center
February 11, 1988 Kalamazoo Wings Stadium
February 12, 1988 Saginaw Wendler Arena
February 13, 1988 Cleveland Cleveland Public Hall
February 14, 1988 Detroit Cobo Hall
February 16, 1988 Toledo Toledo Sports Arena
February 17, 1988 Indianapolis Market Square Arena
February 18, 1988 Cincinnati Cincinnati Gardens
February 19, 1988 Chicago UIC Pavilion
February 21, 1988 Fort Wayne Allen County Coliseum
February 22, 1988 Milwaukee Mecca Arena
February 23, 1988 Green Bay Brown County Arena
February 24, 1988 Madison Dane County Coliseum
February 25, 1988 Bloomington Met Center
February 27, 1988 Denver McNichols Sports Arena
February 29, 1988 Salt Lake City Salt Palace
March 2, 1988 El Paso Special Events Center
March 3, 1988 Albuquerque Tingley Coliseum
March 4, 1988 Chandler Compton Terrace
March 5, 1988 San Bernardino Orange Pavilion
March 6, 1988 Bakersfield Bakersfield Civic Auditorium
March 7, 1988 San Diego San Diego Sports Arena
March 8, 1988 Las Vegas Thomas and Mack Center
March 9, 1988 Fresno Selland Arena
March 10, 1988 Oakland Kaiser Convention Center
March 12, 1988 Long Beach Long Beach Arena
March 13, 1988 Sacramento Arco Arena
March 15, 1988 Seattle Seattle Center Arena
March 17, 1988 Portland Portland Memorial Coliseum
March 18, 1988 Spokane Spokane Coliseum
March 19, 1988 Vancouver Canada Pacific Coliseum
March 21, 1988 Edmonton Northlands Coliseum
March 22, 1988 Calgary The Saddledome

Tour Date Changes

  • The Strasbourg (November 10) show was originally planned for the Tivoli Hall, but was moved due to ticket demand.
  • The New Haven (December 29) show was originally scheduled for December 27.
  • The Binghamton (January 3) show was originally planned for January 1. The Portland show filled the date.
  • The Quebec City and Ottawa show dates were originally January 6 and 7, but they were swapped.
  • The Baltimore (January 13) show was originally planned for January 11. The Glen Falls show filled the date.
  • The Tampa (January 28) show was originally scheduled for January 25.
  • The Daytona Beach (January 27) show was originally scheduled for January 28. The rescheduled Tampa show filled the date.
  • A show at the Barton Coliseum in Little Rock (Capacity 7,200) was planned for February 6, but cancelled. The Lubbock show took it's place.
  • A show at the Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis (Capacity 9,300) was planned for February 10, but cancelled, with the Columbus show taking it's place.
  • The Cleveland (February 13) and Toledo (February 16) dates were swapped, originally planned for the 16th and 13th respectively.
  • The Detroit (February 14) show was originally planned for February 21. The Fort Wayne show filled the spot.
  • A second show in Albuquerque was planned for March 2, but it was moved to El Paso.
  • The San Diego (March 7) show was originally scheduled for the 6th. The Bakersfield concert filled the spot.

Box Score

Venue Capacity/Attendance
Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf 7,500/3,500 (47%)
Forum, Montreal 18,000/8,000 (44%)
The Scope, Norfolk 10,000/6,000 (60%)
Ocean Center, Daytona Beach 9,000/7,500 (83%)