Sheri Bakes is a Canadian artist, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Two years after recovering from a stroke at age 29, Sheri Bakes began showing with the Bau-Xi Galleries in both Vancouver, and Toronto in 2002. She since has exhibited at the Toronto International and L.A. Art Fairs, the Red Dot Art Fair in New York, the Foster/White Gallery in Seattle, Wallace Galleries in Calgary, Hubert Gallery in New York, and Cella Gallery in LA, California, USA.

"Two years after suffering a stroke, Nanaimo artist Sheri Bakes has made a lasting impression on the Vancouver art scene," Susan Down wrote for the Times Colonist. (Inspired by the WInd, Charged with Spirit, April 17th, 2002).

Kevin Chong of the Globe & Mail wrote, "Brooding wind-swept scenes highlight tensions not only between the sky and land, but also between the physical landscape and the world of the mind." (Going Out, Simple Pleasures, Visual Art, January 5th, 2007).

She is the Granddaughter of Hazel Carr Ridley Bakes, a Sunday painter, who often told her she was closely related to Emily Carr.


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