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Ben Demaree is an American cinematographer and director[disambiguation needed], who is best known for his work on the Sharknado franchise. Other notable highlights include work on award winning projects such as: 'Love, Betty White', The DL Chronicles, and Hansel vs Gretel.

Early life

Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Ben always wanted to pursue a career in film. He studied film and television production at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, CA.


While living in Sacramento Ben's early career included editing for a CBS news affiliate and working on local commercial productions. Finally making the move to Los Angeles in 2007, Ben has been working non-stop on features and tv shows. He started out in the lighting department, working his way up from electrician, to best boy, and then to gaffer. Ben was a gaffer on over 30 feature films, tv shows such as The Lair, and commercials for companies as diverse as Yamaha and

Eventually Ben worked his way up to the job of cinematographer. Since then he has shot over 30 films, varying in a wide range of genre's. From the SyFy franchise Sharknado to award winning drama's Best Day Ever and documentaries Love, Betty White. His work has been acclaimed numerous times, including being referenced as "...the cinematographer on the best looking Asylum flicks...."[1]

Recently Ben has begun directing movies. First with Apocalypse Pompeii which filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria and Pompeii, Italy. And then his newest release Hansel vs Gretel. His films have generated positive reviews, espcially Hansel vs Gretel which was called "A strangely entertaining horror film that pushes all the right buttons."[2] and " really fun addition to Asylum's library." [3] [4] [5] [6]


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