Dave Telemaque (also known by stage name Young Track or Treezy) may 30th 1989 is an american rapper, producer and song writer better know by his debut single Keep Playing feat by RH.[1]


Dave started writing after his debut single. Treezy has made over 150,000,000 million total plays and myspace worldwide without A record deal. In 2009 Treezy receive 2,700,000 plays in one day making him one of the best unsigned artist in the world and received the title Myspace King. Treezy biggest hit Song Everything after The song hit over 5,000,000 downloand 1,000,000 views and 11 month Became Treezy first video on youtube to hit 1,000,000 views on youtube and also have 20 million hits on soundcloud. In 2011 Treezy signed a major Record Deal with Universal motown but lost contact with them because of his buzz and progress.[2]


No. Title Length
1. "Cant let you go"   4:23
2. "I'm sick"   4:07
3. "Life is too hard"   3:50
4. "Far Away"   4:24
5. "How Does It Feel"   5:25
6. "Life of a Hustler"   4:39
7. "Hot like fire"   3:34
8. "Treezy I.M feeling So - High"   4:21
9. "With you"   3:58
10. "I Remember"   4:35
Total length:


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