Valens[1][2] power assisted stretcher is a unique patented system, which converts conventional mechanical and emergency stretchers into power assisted form. The power assisted stretcher is a device designed for the conveyance of sick and/or injured persons, those in labor, those in transit, and/or for those in a recumbent position, whilst ensuring safety and comfort during treatment or transport. The assisted stretcher provides powered movements, achieved by a unique mobile foldable construction, in order to reduce the physical effort required by operators using the system. This innovative design has been developed by engineer Rambod Afrashteh.

This mechanism ceases to utilize any battery, hydraulic, or external hardware system necessary to regulate the function of height or load position. The design efficiently uses 2 gas springs with an even distribution of 1200N per spring. This method allows for a deduction of 100kg in the patient's weight, minimizing the effort necessary for medical staff or users to operate the stretcher. The use of gas springs, as means of achieving a mobile foldable construction, allows for the folding of the stretcher to be continuous and gentle in order to spare the patient from rough shocks, as well as sparing the medical staff from carrying the whole weight of the patient. The advantage of this gas spring design thus eliminates the problem of axial stress on the folding mechanism of conventional stretchers, assuring long life and safety of the stretcher.

The use of gas springs as efficient substitutes to battery power or a hydraulic system assures the Valens power assisted stretcher to be an eco-friendly, green based technology.

This system is currently implemented in the RX6[3] and RX3[4] power assisted stretchers manufactured by ROYAX[5] s.r.o in the Czech Republic. The Valens mechanism used in the RX6 and RX3 stretchers has resulted in producing the most lightweight power assisted stretcher worldwide, with respective weights of 53kg and 45kg.


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