Stewart Little Co-op (often abbreviated as SL or SLC) is a cooperative house in Ithaca, NY. It was founded in 1968 by a Cornell chaplain, and has been housed in 211 Stewart Avenue since its foundation. There has always been a contingent of Cornell people living at Stewart Little, though the Co-op has also included at least a few people who are not associated with the University. SLC is a member of NASCO.


As written in their house handbook, SLC's philosophy focuses on intentional and sustainable living.

Aside from this quasi-relationship with Cornell, the individuals who have made up SLC have been of every type: domestic and international, straight and gay, rich and poor, big and little, etc. [They] consider this diversity to be an asset, and insist that all Members respect it. SLC is also unanimous in its commitment to a responsible consumption ethic (recycling, buying unprocessed foods, contributing as little to the waste stream as possible, etc.). In terms of demographics, SLC makes an effort to preserve gender balance and considers itself primarily for graduate students. As with all cooperatives, [they] expect that Members will treat their home as something more than a boarding house.

This philosophy manifests in many aspects of the house life. The house maintains its own garden and compost. Dinner is cooked every night, mostly with organic and local ingredients. The house is also a pick-up location of a local CSA.[1].



The cooperative is located in the Ben Morse house which was built in 1864[2]. It was founded in 1968 by Rev. J. Gurdon Brewster[3]. Stewart Little was one of the first coed cooperative houses in New York.

Its name is an intended misspelling of Stuart Little as the house is located on Stewart Ave. It might also be reference to the fact that E.B. White, the author of Stuart Little, used to lived in Ithaca while he attended Cornell University.


Every year, Stewart Little Co-op is hosting its famous Halloween party[4]

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