Sportwalk is a startup which aims in breaking the monotony in the sports media and merchandising through the concept of visual story telling. Sportwalk aims in spreading happiness through sports.[1]


Sportwalk was initially a blog started on October 18,2013 by Divakar KS, the current Internal Relations Manager of Sportwalk Toons Media. Functioning under the url of, the blog functioned using the concept of crowd sourcing. Covering a variety of sports inclusive of lesser followed sports in the country such as Archery, Chess, Squash and Wrestling, the website garnered over 200,000 reads during its period of operation. [2] [3] [4] The website provided a detailed coverage of the FIDE World Chess Championship 2013 which happened between Vishwanathan Anand of India and Magnus Carlsen of Norway in Chennai. After the Indian Premier League 2014, the website was suspended in April 2014, citing the need to work on the longer term plans. A year later, on April 10th, the website was restarted with a new theme of using the visual story telling.


The cartoons are created through Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop software after a initial sketching of the posture of the players. Using the references, the character is hand drawn and then made digital.


Sportwalk believes in publishing content which provides the reader with rich information through thoughtful arguments, detailed analysis and insights on the current happenings in the world of sports.

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Writers Club

The content published in Sportwalk are generated by the Sportwalk Writers Club- a forum which provides the opportunity for the writers to experience the start-up culture, to tell visual stories, meet sports players and writers and to win lot of prizes. The Sportwalk Writers Club activities are planned and executed under the leadership of Writers Club Lead who is eventually a member of Writers Club.

Featured XI

Sportwalk Featured XI is a contest where the top XI writers of the month are ranked based on their PPA (Points Per Article). The articles are ranked based on the quality of the content, discipline and value. After fulfilling the basic criteria, the writers are eligible for the Featured XI contest and they can get selected by winning a badge or finishing the month with a good PPA average in the concerned streams. This elite group of writers get featured in the Featured XI page in the website, in the android app and get to win merchandises.


Apart from the insights and analysis on the sports happenings, Sportwalk publishes a wide array of articles on various themes.

  • Professor's Desk: Provides light on lesser known things in the world of sports.
  • S/W Downtown: Sportwalk Downtown is feature which provides light on the local happenings on sports in various cities through the country.


File:Sportwalk Chennai Super Kings.jpg

Sportwalk launched its first range of merchandise products during the Indian Premier League 2015 with a campaign on Chennai Super Kings. The campaign was officially recognized and shared by Chennai Super Kings in their official Facebook page. The campaign revolved around potraying Chennai Super Kings players as super heroes in their unique poster which was available for sale in their Instamojo Store.

Following Arsenal's successful FA Cup victory over Aston Villa, Sportwalk launched a series of posters celebrating the win featuring Per Mertesacker, Mesut Ozil, Olivier Giroud, Alexis Sanchez, Francis Coquelin and Arsene Wenger.


Sportwalk aims in promoting sports in the country and as a step towards that, they sponsor local teams. Only a month after the relaunch, Sportwalk became the official sponsors of Kolkata FC, a football club which plays in the local divisions in the city.[5]

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