Salmonella rubislaw, occasional pathogen, reptile source occurs in the USA and elsewhere when families have certain unusual reptiles as pets. As owning an exotic pet becomes more popular, family members, especially young children and infants are susceptible to becoming infected with bacteria normally found among these animals originating in the wild. Salmonella rubislaw infections include vomiting, bloody diarrhea and fever, similar to that caused by other species of Salmonella. People often do not practice normal hygiene around family pets, washing up and keeping the pet environment clean, thus increasing the risk of infection. Whereas typical household pets may not carry unusual pathogens, reptiles may have been harvested from the wild, or raised in captivity from originally wild parents. The exotic reptiles documented to be carrying the S. rubislaw bacteria are eastern bearded dragon (Australia), a water dragon lizard (London, UK), snakes, iguanas (USA) and sometimes no reptiles in the home (Georgia, USA). Epidemiology studies are ongoing in areas where this rare type of Salmonella presents. In 2005 over 33,300 cases of salmonellosis from around the world were documented by CDC. Of all of those, "only" an even 100 were caused by S. rubislaw. [1] [2] [3]

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