The Ranger Production Company is a British motorcycle sidecar manufacturer, and provides research and development services to the aid and development sector .

Established in 1997 by engineer, and motorcycle fan Mike Norman. The Ranger Production Company now produces three production models of the eRanger motorcycle sidecar vehicles used extensively  in the developing world.

In 1999 the company won the Worldaware - The Shell Technology for Development Award [1] for its work in Marowa, 60 miles from Harare, Zimbabwe The report said <block quote>Life for villagers in Marowa, 60 miles from Harare, Zimbabwe, has been transformed by a motorcycle with a light but sturdy Ranger sidecar built by Mike Norman, who runs a motocycle shop in Borehamwood.</block quote>

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Patent granted - Patent number: GB2335894A Publication date: 1999-10-06

In November 2009 there was a debate in the House of Commons (Female Mortality (Africa) Westminster Hall debates, 11 November 2009, 7:30 pm) where Phil Willis MP said,

<block quote>In my constituency, one small social enterprise company, eRanger, is attempting to tackle each of those delays with practical and low-cost solutions. Looking at the problem differently will give us the greatest breakthroughs. The eRanger company produces low-cost motorcycle-side trailer combinations that offer three customised options: an ambulance, a mobile clinic for outreach work and a mobile education unit. It utilises a robust 200-cc motorcycle with a custom-built, padded sidecar in which a patient can lie down and be safely strapped in. In an emergency, a nurse or midwife can travel behind the driver—</block quote>

The full debate can be found here

Hansard source (Citation: HC Deb, 11 November 2009, c125WH)

and seen here (Debate on female mortality rates in Africa - Liberal Democrat MP Phil Willis highlighted the work a Harrogate-based NGO is doing to tackle Africa's high female mortality rates -

History DRAFT

1997 Summer - Mike Norman began planning a new multifunction vehicle based on a motorcycle and sidecar for development and aid use in Africa. Autumn - Spurred on by increasing appeals to support motorcycle based work in Mozambique the Prototype eRanger called the Ranger at that time began to take shape. 1998 January - Applications for patents on several innovative sidecar features of the Ranger prototype were filed.

Spring - Contact with Non-Governmental Organisations regarding the suitability of the concept for Aid and Development use. After a mixed response the brave decision to push ahead was taken.

Summer - The second Ranger prototype was planned and built using lessons learned from the first. The design now incorporated many features of the current eRanger vehicles, designed to be robust and simple to maintain, this original ethos has been carried through to all eRanger products.

Once the second prototype was completed. The first prototype ranger vehicle was sent to Zimbabwe on loan to Riders for Health for evaluation purposes. (

1999 The second prototype ranger was displayed in the atrium of the World Bank in Washington DC during an International Forum for Rural Transport Development (IFRTD) exhibition.

(IFRTD - Substainable rural livelihoods Volume 7, Issue 1, June 1999

The Ranger won the World Aware Award for Technology for Development, based on findings from the prototype Ranger’s evaluation period in Zimbabwe.

2000 Following the World Aware Awards our sponsor provided support to develop the Ranger vehicle into a viable and effective vehicle for aid and development work in Africa.

A research and development facility was set up in England to further develop the Ranger vehicles and start limited production.

Three Ranger production models are delivered to Malawi for use in their Safe Motherhood Programme as part of a study to research the effectiveness of motorcycle ambulances.

Patent application granted GB 2335894.

2002 Summer - Project Zondwa delivers Ranger vehicles to Eastern Cape, South Africa. (Reported in Daily Dispatch and World Aware). Plans to develop a South African manufacturing base are considered.

A joint venture within the Eastern Cape province of South Africa is announced. eRanger production is transferred to South Africa. The name eRanger is adopted to emphasise the South African core of vehicle manufacture.

2004 Autumn - An order for eRangers from the Eastern Cape Government is fulfilled by South African built eRanger vehicles.

Spring - Safe motherhood Malawi releases its report on the use of motorcycle ambulances and an order for 10 eRanger Ambulances is received from the Malawi Health Ministry.

The Immunisation Vehicle design and system completed, this unit is designed to support immunisation projcets of all types. Results of the Safe motherhood report Malawi leads to 10 units being ordered. Oasis design finalised and WRC approval sought after consultation with potential system users.

2005 Oasis system passed WRC test Procedure. (

South African manufacture started as a rolling run. Leading link fork system standard fitment on Eranger vehicles.

2006 Donation vehicles and sales distributed to Sierra leone, Malawi, Mozambique. The Malawi Ministry of Health have confirmed an order for an additional 54 eRanger Ambulances. This order is destined to supplement the earlier order of 16 that went into separate pilot projects in the Dowa Region of Malawi.

The World Bank Commission the report Transport Papers - Maternal and Child Mortality Development Goals: What Can the Transport Sector Do? Julie Babinard Peter Roberts ( which describes the use of eRangers in Malawi and South Africa.

2007 eRanger have been working with the Malawi Ministry of Health to introduce 100 motorcycle ambulances into the Dowa region of Malawi by January 2008 (

Model range

Other interests

The Ranger Production Company also undertake research and development work.


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