Qeuyl (Pronounced key-el), born July 15, 1992, is a American pop singer. He began as a singer performing covers on YouTube, where he gained a sizable following. He later released 5 singles and one album, one of which he distributed free of charge for the public.


Qeuyl evolved from performing covers of songs from famous music artists on YouTube to producing and performing original music.[1]

He was invited to perform on one of New Yorks most popular Radio show, Kiss fm, with fellow performers K Camp and Jermaine Paul. He also released his album, Fan Ex, and the single “U R The Best”, He has also performed all over the United States such as Florida, Boston Massachusetts , New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.


Qeuyl was born in Brooklyn, New York to but soon moved to Bronx, New York when he was 16 years old.


  • U R The Best - December 2014[2]
  • Merry Christmas - November 2013[3]
  • Turn Up - April 2014[4]


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