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Daedrian McNaughton is the founder and CEO Of Premier Guide Miami, one of the most well-known and accessed information websites concerning Miami. Born in Westmoreland, Jamaica on April 4th, 1979, McNaughton came to The United States in 1996 immediately after high school. She became a flight attendant for Chautauqua Airlines. Using the information gained from her travels, McNaughton established Premier Guide Miami in 2009. Interviewing such notable people as Sir Richard Branson, Joan Rivers, Bethenny Frankel, Dan Marino, Daphne Guinness, and Mac McAnally, McNaughton's website has exploded, getting over 1 million hits per month. Premier Guide Miami is quickly becoming the "go-to" place for social events and social media. McNaughton plans to extend Premier Guide to other parts of the country. Premier Guide New York is in the works.

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