Piqqo is a UK based carbon offsetting company, established in 2008 with the aim to make carbon offsetting ‘fun, interesting and engaging’[1].

Piqqo works with carbon reduction project owners to increase exposure of their project through their online project library, Piqqo Projects. They also work with manufactures to produce carbon neutral goods through their Piqqo Labels scheme.

Piqqo Projects

Piqqo have developed an online showcase for carbon reduction projects called Piqqo Projects. This library lists a range of project from different locations around the world. Each project page contains data about the project, including a short video, a photo gallery, data about the project location and information about how the reductions occur and what additional benefits the project brings.

Piqqo Projects has also been produced as an iphone application and is available to download from Apple’s App Store.

Example Carbon Reduction Project

Scolel Te Reforestation Project, Mexico
The Scolel Té project brings together indigenous communities in Mexico to help them manage their land responsibly and replant and protect endangered forests. It is operated under the Plan Vivo System, which provides a way for farmers and land users to create plans to preserve and restore the land and forest areas through reforestation initiatives.

The project proves that communities can manage their land responsibly and still make money from sustainable farming whilst earning extra money from carbon credits. Landowners undertake replanting and pledge to protect the forests, some of which is now endangered. As forests sequester carbon, the carbon benefits of the project can then be sold. [2]

Piqqo Labels

Piqqo provide a product labelling scheme aimed at manufacturers wishing to provide carbon neutral products. The carbon footprint of each product is calculated following the PAS2050 guidelines and a label is added to the product to display what this footprint is and the fact that it has been offset.

Each label also carries a serial number that customers can use to find out what project their offset has come from by entering it on the Piqqo website. Piqqo states that “by understanding more about the project they are supporting, people will be more motivated to take action”. [3]

Other work

Carbon Challenge
Piqqo recently partnered with GICA and Green Power Conferences to produce The Carbon Challenge , an online game for tracking personal carbon emissions. This game was run at the Carbon Market conferences series run by Green Power Conferences [4].

Company Background

Piqqo was founded in 2008 Vertis Environmental Finance, “the most experienced emissions trading house in Central Europe”[5] .


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