AquaShield is an eco-friendly nanotechnology retailer with headquarters in Quebec, Canada.[1][2]


Founded 2011 in Montreal, AquaShield focuses on providing eco-friendly and innovative solutions for consumer and industrial use using nanotechnology.[3] The first products they launched were based on protective coating technologies with special nano particles, as well as cleaning and protective properties.[4] Nano coatings, also known as superhydrophobic coatings are now being used in many different industries for a wide range of reasons.[5][6]

The company started off in development and research, later moving onto retail sales in 2012. The first product they launched was Textile & Leather, expanding to several more products by the end of 2013.

In 2014, they re-established as Nanex Canada Incorporated and rebranded their products to AquaShield, removing all harmful solvents, becoming 100% eco-friendly by the end of the year and also partnering with non-profit organisation Upside Foundation.[7]


AquaShields superhydrophobic coatings work by impregnating fabric with nano sized polymers that create a surface that causes water to ball up and run off, the same way that leaves in nature repel water. Since the polymers are on a nano scale, the material is now waterproof but still breathable at the same time.[8]


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