Linda Garmon is an Award winning writer, producer and director of documentaries with more than 20 years of experience, mostly at WGBH-TV. Garmon's work has appeared on several PBS series, such as NOVA and the American Experience, as well as on ABC. Garmon’s work includes Coma, Searching for the Promised Land, Race for the Superconductor, Spy in the Sky, A Day in the Life, The Truth about Cancer and an adaptation of François Truffaut's The Wild Child closely titled “Secret of the Wild Child,” an episode of Nova that documents the discovery of a 13-year-old feral child named Genie (feral child).


Early Life & Career

Garmon earned her master’s degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Garmon began her career writing for magazines and newspapers. But she quickly discovered her passion for documentaries.



Garmon won "Best of Show "at the National Headliner Awards and a Gold Baton at the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award's, both the highest possible honors, for the Nova episode“Coma.”

Awarded the Vannevar Bush Award, which allowed her to spend an academic year at MIT.

"A Day in the Life," eye on education, wgbh-tv, pbs
Awards: New England Emmy for Outstanding Documentary Program, Cine Golden Eagle

"Darwin's Dangerous Idea,” evolution, wgbh-tv, pbs Award: Cine Golden Eagle

"Searching for the Promised Land," the century, abc Awards: National News and Documentary Emmy for Outstanding Historical Programming; Best in Show, National Headliner Awards, Press Club of Atlantic City

"Coma," nova, wgbh-tv, pbs Awards: The Gold Baton (the highest Dupont-Columbia Journalism Award); First Place, National Headliner Awards, Press Club of Atlantic City; Best in Show, National Headliner Awards, Press Club of Atlantic City

"Spy in the Sky," american experience, wgbh-tv, pbs Presents the riveting events leading up to the 1960 shoot-down of a U-2 spy plane and its pilot, Francis Gary Powers. Original broadcast: February 22nd, 1996 Award: National News and Documentary Emmy for Outstanding Historical Programming

"Secret of the Wild Child," Award: National News and Documentary Emmy for Outstanding Informational and Cultural Programming

"Lightning!" nova, wgbh-tv, pbs Award: Best Nature Film, Telescience Festival

"Race for the Superconductor," nova, wgbh-tv, pbs Award: National News and Documentary Emmy for Outstanding Background Analysis of a Single Current Story

Recurring Themes

“This is an hour of poignance and tragedy, a ‘Tarzan’ story played out for real,” Variety reported. “Linda Garmon’s fine achievement is in simply and clearly telling the story of a lost life that never really had a chance to be lived. Along the way, she raises some powerful questions. Her strength is in letting her audience make its own conclusions.”


Animas Perdidas 2009
The Truth About Cancer 2008
Sister Aimee 2007
Rebels 2004
A Day in the Life 2002
Darwin's Dangerous Idea 2001
Searching for the Promised Land 1999
Coma 1997
Spy in the Sky 1996
Secret of the Wild Child 1994
Lightning 1995
Winners and Losers 1992
Echoes of War 1989
Race for the Superconductor 1988

Personal Life

Garmon now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where, as a break from the rigors of filmmaking, she enjoys hosting her Monthly Movie Club and receiving weekly instruction in lindy hop.


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