Lesa-gayle Wee Tom (born March 23rd 1989) is a Jamaican born former prostitute who failed as a beauty queen. She claims that she was once miss Jamaica but was a runner up for the title and never won the pageant. She represented Jamaica in basic pageants and won miss jazmone. She was a former prostitute on Miami and met a finance crook named Richard John hall. Together they gave two sons Maximilian John hall and Sebastian John hall.

Personal life

Wee Tom was born in Kingston, Jamaica to failed actress Juliet royes and womanizer Gary wee Tom. Gary got Juliet pregnant with Lesa while married to his first wife whom he have 3 sons with.

Lesa moved to Miami with her mother and got academically dismissed from college from failing most of get classes and earning below 1.00 gpa. She lies about earning an associate from browsed college and a bachelors from Florida international university. Both colleges internal record have showed that Lesa never got admitted nor have she attended classes nor earned a degree.

After bring academically dismissed she dated a married Warren sapp and became a prostitute. She was escorting in Miami and met her now husband Richard hall at a club.


Television: Kariblink TV (Host 2007-2008) BETJ (one episode 2008) BET's College Hill South Beach (Reality TV 2009)

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