Morris Wayne Ricks II (born April 19, 1990), better known by his stage name, King Mez, is an American hip-hop recording artist, producer, and songwriter from Raleigh, North Carolina. Mez has been rapping and producing since he was 16 years old. With 3 solid projects under his belt - King's Khrysis (2011), My Everlasting Zeal (2012), Long Live The King (2014) - Mez has made strides in the music industry from making national television appearances, to working with artists like J.Cole and more recently, the legendary Dr.Dre. His recent Dr.Dre co-sign has brought him right back to the limelight, as he wrapped up the first episode of The Pharmacy on Beats One Radio with a freestyle, who Dre then introduced as Mez as "new to The Pharmacy family", reports. Mez is currently working in the studio with Dr.Dre with new music to be released.


King's Khrysis (2011) Tracks produced by Khrysis

No. Title Length
1. "Reaching Out" (Intro) 3:05
2. "Nightmare"   2:33
3. "Shine"   3:10
4. "From The South" (ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Sean Boog) 4:30
5. "Something's Missing"   3:39
6. "The King's Khrysis" (Feat. Phonte) 3:12

My Everlasting Zeal (2012)

No. Title Length
1. "Intro" (Prod. by 11 20) 2:04
2. "About me" (Prod. by Omen) 4:14
3. "Timely Fashion" (Prod. by 11 20) 3:56
4. "Monte Carlo" (Prod. by Commissioner Gordon) 3:22
5. "Tonight feat. Drey Skonie" (Prod. by 11 20) 3:28
6. "The Allure feat. Drey Skonie" (Prod. by J.Cole) 3:03
7. "Highness ft. Novakane" (Prod. by King Mez) 3:18
8. "Reign" (Prod. by King Mez) 3:49
9. "The Queen" (Prod. by Commissioner Gordon) 3:49
10. "Playskool" (Prod. by Soundtrakk) 4:14
11. "Fallen ft. Sarah Kaboom, Carlitta Durand, Damaris Joi" (Prod. Soundtrakk) 4:14
12. "The Town" (Prod. by Commissioner Gordon) 2:52
13. "The Diadem" (Prod. BY Prolyfic/Face of 2 to the 3) 3:23
14. "The Crown" (Prod. by Commissioner Gordon) 3:09

Long Live The King (2014)

No. Title Length
1. "InHeritance" (ft. Sonny Base - Prod. by Tim Suby & King Mez) 3:42
2. "Morris" (Prod. by King Mez) 5:19
3. "Reggie Miller" (Prod. by King Mez) 4:12
4. "Flight" (ft. Sonya Teclai - Prod. by King Mez) 4:56
5. "Swerve" (Prod. by Ishi & King Mez) 2:50
6. "Murdaaaa" (Prod. by !llmind) 1:18
7. "Can't Let Go" (Prod. by King Mez) 3:50
8. "Heart Drive" (Prod. by Tim Suby) 4:43
9. "Never Know" (ft. Tyana Reshay - Prod. by Deputy) 2:59
10. "Past The Stars ft. Kaisle Grai - Prod. by Tim Suby"   4:02
11. "Hydroplane" (Prod. by King Mez, Commissioner Gordon, & Mark Melo) 3:28
12. "You Up" (Prod. by King Mez & Commissioner Gordon) 3:19


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