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Karim Mella (born September 13, 1967 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) is the first Dominican mountaineer to reach the summit of Mount Everest.[1][2] and plant the nation’s flag. He was part of the Dominican team excelsior that set off to conquer Mount Everest. In 2011, following his return from Everest, Mella was motivated to share his experiences and to inspire young people in his home country of the Dominican Republic. }}

Early life

His passion for the mountains starts climbing Pico Duarte, the highest elevation of the Caribbean, becoming the favorite place of his childhood and adolescence. Then when he was 13, he received a book as gift about the 1924 British Everest Expedition, and since that moment, he became fixated on climbing the nearly 30,000 foot mountain in the Himalayas — the tallest mountain in the world.

Voluntary services

Since early age he became involved in humanitarian services and helped in the recovery efforts in the area of Haina and San Cristobal, as a result of the devastation caused by Hurricane David. - In the years 1982-1983 involved in literacy programs in the southern region of the country. - Later in 1998, Hurricane George wreaks havoc on the country. Karim participates as coordinator of humanitarian aid from the U.S. government for the victims. - In 2004 the foundation cooperates with "International Justice Mission " in the fight against child sexual exploitation, as part of an operation in the area of Boca Chica. - Following the earthquake that affected the neighboring country of Haiti in 2010, Karim moved to the border area, and coordinates a project logistics in humanitarian and medical aid offered by institutions in the United States.

In 2011, after his return from the expedition to Mount Everest, Karim him the idea of sharing their experiences and encourage young people in the schools of the country through their example. With its slogan "My goal is the Top" Karim shows them that with hard work and dedication, all goals are achievable

Proud of his country and concerned about the welfare of his countrymen, He has been involved as a volunteer with organizations abroad, in various activities, with the purpose of providing help and support.

Military Career

A veteran, active duty in the U.S. Army. He has participated in several military campaigns (Afghanistan, Bosnia, Korea, the Philippines and Colombia). On August 10, 2007, the U.S. government awarded the Bronze Medal for his meritorious service and exceptional courage in the combat zone during Operation " Enduring Freedom " in the war in Afghanistan.

Life changing experience

After climbing Mount Everest, he says he was asked to speak by various organizations about his life-changing experience. However, what was really pulling at his heart he says, was going back to his roots. “Before I went to Mount Everest, I told everyone I want this project to get to the people, but I never felt that was achieved,” Just a few months after he reached ground level, he started a grassroots organization in the Dominican Republic called La Fundación Siempre Más to motivate kids and teach them the power of perseverance, effort, and teamwork.


Heading text

  • than de 50 clibiming to Pico Duarte (3,089 msnm)

• Pico Bolívar (5,007msnm) Venezuela • Monte Washington (1,917 msnm) NH, EE.UU. • Monte Grant (3,150 msnm) Nevada, EE.UU. • Kilimanjaro (5,895 msnm) Tanzania • Monte Kenia (5,199msnm) Kenia • Aconcagua (6,962 msnm) Argentina • Monte Rainier X 4 (4,392 msnm) WA, EE.UU. • Denali (6,236 msnm) Alaska, EE.UU. • Monte Pisco (5,780 msnm) Perú • Pico Vallanaraju (5,687 msnm) Perú • Lobuche Peak (6,070 msnm) Nepal • Monte Everest (8,850 msnm) Nepal



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