Hiroshi Takeyasu, along with Reo Nagumo (dj nagureo) and Ohta Tomomi (e.o.s.), were the three original music composers for beatmania, the first Bemani series from Konami. He was the sound producer of the series when it first started (Reo Nagumo took over after that, followed by Osamu Migitera and Takehiko Fujii).

He typically writes J-pop and variants on it, though he has also done alternative rock, ska, french pop, and even lounge music.

Despite starting in beatmania, the grand majority of his music library is from pop'n music. Below are a list of his songs (this list may or may not be complete).



  • 2 gorgeous 4U
  • greed eater
  • OVERDOSER (ambient mix)
  • OVERDOSER (robo mix)
  • LOVE SO GROOVY (vocals by Chappy)
  • LOVE SO GROOVY (12 inch version, vocals by CHAPPY))

beatmania 2nd mix

beatmania THE FINAL

beatmania IIDX

beatmania IIDX

beatmania IIDX 6th style

  • Silhoette of My Mind (vocals by ?)

beatmania IIDX 7th style

Keyboard Mania

Keyboard Mania

  • CRISIS OF LOVE (vocals by MIHO)

Keyboard Mania 2nd Mix


pop'n music

pop'n music

  • すれちがう2人 (vocals by Shintani Sanae)
  • The theme of GAMBLER Z (vocals by 奈良岡 洋)
  • what I want (vocals by T.R.S.)

pop'n music 2

  • お江戸花吹雪 (vocals by (vocal by 高田香里)
  • Cherry & Raquel (vocal by Shintani Sanae and Hiroyuki Togo)
  • what I want (Euro Mix) (vocals by T.R.S.)

pop'n music 3

pop'n music 4

  • GIRLS RIOT (vocals by SAKI)
  • Nanja-Nai (vocals by 研ナオコ)

pop'n music 5

pop'n music 7

  • Passacaglia
  • GET THE CHANCE ! (vocals by Oka Megumi)

pop'n music 8

pop'n music 9

  • 光の季節 (remix of the song of the same name in pop'n music 2; vocals by Shintani Sanae)

pop'n music 10

  • 想い出の巴里祭 (vocals by ソワレ)

pop'n music 11

  • サンクトペテルブルクヘ (vocals by VICTORYIA)

pop'n music 12

  • 1クールの男 (vocals by MAKI)

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