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Heather Richardson Wilde (born November 20, 1976) is an American speaker, author, and Executive Coach who is known for her expertise in corporate growth, distributed teams, community engagement and innovation. She has experience working as a female executive in Government entities, large and small Corporations, as well as startups.

In her professional life, she earned a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from St. John's College, Annapolis, and pursued advanced studies in Medieval Literature from Clare College at Cambridge University[1]. During her career, she remotely ran support for over five years for Evernote (currently headquartered in Redwood City, CA) before leaving the technology sector to help found ROCeteer, a Las Vegas company that provides Coaching and support services to ecosystems globally. In addition to being the Unicorn Whisperer and CTO of ROCeteer, she is a startup mentor, advisor, speaker, author, coach, and consultant.


In her educational pursuits, she has attended the University of Alabama, Huntsville for Aerospace Engineering, St. John's College, Annapolis for Liberal Arts and Clare College, Cambridge for Medieval British Literature.[2]

Twenty years after deciding to pursue her degree in Liberal Arts, she was named to the Advisory Board of the Howard R. Hughes school for Engineering at UNLV.[3]

Early Life

As an adolescent, Wilde was involved in an accident that would affect her the rest of her life. When walking across the crosswalk in front of her school, a distracted driver hit Wilde at upwards of 35MPH[4]. This accident produced lifelong injuries requiring medication and limiting her movement.[5]


After designing and launching a space-based MUD while still attaining her degree, Wilde received a contract position at Genetic Anomalies, a Boston-based online game company to be their "booth babe". While awaiting a full-time job offer, she became a Flight Attendant for Spirit Airlines. After Genetic Anomalies was acquired by THQ, she was offered the position of Community Engineer, where she would begin her work in community engagement. As part of this role, she ran tournaments[6], wrote newsletters[7] and online character journals, but was also instrumental in creating one of the most memorable and polarizing[8] games of the studio's history.

After the events of September 11, 2001, there was a sharp decline in online game revenue, which led to the closure of Genetic Anomalies. Wilde met with friend Phil Libin who was forming a new company, CoreStreet[9] to create authorization and validation technology. She remained in the Boston, MA area until spring 2007, when she moved to southern California onto a sailboat in preparation for an international voyage. She was approached by Libin once more to join his new company, Evernote, which she agreed to do only if she could still proceed with her trip as planned.[10]. She created and maintained the infrastructure for the international, multilingual Sales, Support and Success teams and directly managed their distributed, multinational Support team for nearly 6 years. She is currently the Unicorn Whisperer and CTO of ROCeteer, a Las Vegas company that provides Coaching and support services to ecosystems globally.[11]

Volunteer Work

She volunteers her time with charities that have a scope of increasing diversity and broadening education in STEM sector careers, such as Girls in Tech, a 501(c)3, Women Advancing, and Women in Technology. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the NeverGiveUp Foundation.[12]

Government Service

While living in Annapolis, Wilde had a prestigious internship with the Lt. Governor of Maryland's office working directly with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. During the highly controversial Baltimore Brownfield Redevelopment period[13], this internship created a long-standing interest in Economic and Community Development.

Wilde currently serves on the GWIB IT Sector Council of Nevada to help create and expand initiatives statewide in STEM Education and job growth.[14]

Speaking, Writing, Coaching, and Consulting

She has appeared on Huffpost Live, and has been quoted in both Huffington Post and in the Wall Street Journal as well as many other industry publications, and has been an interview guest on local and national radio.[15]

Heather is an accomplished speaker[16], and is also the author of the guide "Fundamentals of Evernote", as well as the upcoming book "The Birth of a Unicorn."

After becoming trained as a coach by the Tony Robbins Master Coach team and the Coaches Training Institute, Wilde drew on her experience in the technology sector to become a professional speaker. Her activities also include organizational consulting, workshop facilitation, executive and performance coaching; and writing books and articles.

She speaks regularly to corporate, association, and public sector audiences.

Personal Life

Wilde has been married once. She met husband Leon while working for Spirit Airlines.[17]. The couple has no children.[18]

Published works

  • Wilde, Heather. Fundamentals of Evernote. Amazon. 


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