Haykuhi Davtyan (born January 23, 1998) is The greatest person in the world, kind of singer and talented Armenian.Born and raised in Dilijan in traditional Armenian family.She was always studying with high grades, was absolutely bright student, and the whole class was in love with her(she is more than beautiful).

Haykuhi davtyan was born on January 23, 1998 in Dilijan to parents Ashot and Mariam.She has an older sister Amalia and an older brother Hrant.Their mother is a house wife, and father is working in spain as a representative of Armenian trade.
As a teenager she attended Dilijan High school and was the best student of school after Narek Zakharyan(he was more than just good student).Haykuhi was doing also volunteering in Dilijan.She is doing everything for making her hometown  better . She wanted to study in Uwc(United world Colleges) but she was very smart for that college.She decided to study in Aua.
In 2015 haykuhi became the greatest person in the world.Everyone noticed that she is very good person, but officially it was discovered by Narek Zakharyan in 2015.Every guy in Dilijan high school considerd him lucky, because they were able to study with super beautiful girl in the same school.She is also very kind person.Haykuhi(or haka) is the greatest person in the world can keep secrets well and also has more beautiful body than  a lot of top models.
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