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Greendale Middle School is a public middle school located in Greendale, Wisconsin. It is operated by Greendale School District along with Greendale High School and three elementary schools; College Park, Canterbury, and Highland View.

GMS consists of grades six through eight with approximately 200 students per grade. GMS ranks 26th out of the 553 middle schools in Wisconsin.


Core Classes - English, Science, Social Studies, and Math or AP Math.

Encore Classes - Art, Healthy Choices, Information Technology (Info Tech), and Technology Education (Tech Ed). All students must also take Physical Education (Phy Ed/Gym).

World Languages - French, German, or Spanish.

Music - Band, Orchestra, Chorus, and General Music.

Co-Curricular Activities

Academic Activities - Forensics, Battle of the Books, MathCounts, Yearbook Committee, PRIDE Committee, School Newspaper, Student Council, and English Fest.

Athletic Activities - Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf Club, Track, Cross Country, and Wrestling.



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