Footballer Wants a Wife’ is a spoof reality show that follows three young football stars on their modern-day quest for love. Our three footballers, drawn from three different codes, are matched up against fourteen women who will stop at nothing to become a WAG. ‘Footballer Wants A Wife’ is a simple, accessible comedy that plays on the one ironic truth at the heart of reality TV: it’s completely fabricated - particularly when it comes to ‘love, loss and celebrity.'

The Show

The show was created by Ben Nicholas, ex neighbours character 'Stingray Timmins'. Ben approached his online cousin 'Tad Rebecchi', Jonathan Dutton and his production company Crankyfish to help further develop the series. In early 2015 the show was funded through Screen Australia's Multiplatform drama program and is now set to be released at the beginning of the AFL finals in early September 2015.

The Cast

  • Ben Nicholas - Steven Papakonstantinou
  • Martin Copping - Camden Silversack
  • Jonathan Buckley - Dustin Cox
  • Brooke Satchwell - Sally Brightmoore
  • Maria Angelico - Jade
  • Ra Chapman - Hope
  • Georgia Chara - Bella
  • Cassandra Mcgrath - Jackie
  • Elise Jansen - Kayla
  • Maya Aleksandra - Veronika
  • Nikki Osborne - The Sustitute
  • Ella Cannon - Lucy
  • Jiordan Tolly - Candy
  • Stephanie Lillis - Jones
  • Mahalia Brown - Peggy
  • Mel Howard - Coreen
  • Troy Kinne - Police Officer
  • Rueben Francis - Rueben
  • Luke Stephens - Paparazzi

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