An Eco lodge is a type of tourist accommodation that has the least possible impact on its environment[disambiguation needed]. An Eco Lodge usually has less than 30 rooms and is located in a natural or rural area. It offers the travelers the opportunity to experience local nature and culture without impacting the environment. Eco lodges support Ecotourism and responsible tourism.

An Eco Lodge should have the following criteria:

  • energy efficiency and use of renewable energy(use of compact fluorescent lamps, use of solar, wind or other renewable energy)
  • protect the environment[disambiguation needed] (organic garden, source food locally, recycling, use of bio-degradable and none toxic cleaning agents, buildings are made traditionally without impacting the environment and designed in harmony with its surroundings).
  • Conserve natural resources (collect rain water, recycle and treat waste water..)
  • Support, respect and benefit local culture and economy (provide jobs to local economy, inform tourist about respecting the environment, being involved in project helping the local community...)

Many countries and regions have embarked on creating certification standards, but as yet there is no real international standard.


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