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Anthony Kenechukwu Offu.Sr.

{{Infobox person |name= Anthony Kenechukwu Offu.Sr. |image: Dr. Anthony K. Offu. Template:PhD |image size: Anthony_ Kenechukwu_Offu_Sr_PhD. |birth_date = (1959-09-15) 15 September 1959 (age 59) |birth_place = Enugu, Enugu-State, Nigeria.

Dr. Anthony Offu. PhD & Author; International Relations, Global Historian, Management & Leadership Expert, Social Work Consultant. Rtd.

|occupation. = {{flat|

  • Author.
  • Prolific/Journal & Internet Writer.
  • Global Historian.
  • An International Relations Expert.
  • Expert in "Management and Leadership Studies.
  • International Political Economy Expert.
  • Social Work Consultant..Rtd.

|birth_name =Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Sr

|years_active=1984_present |spouse

         = Mrs.Anthonia Ifeoma Offu;

CHILDREN:1.Anthony Kenechukwu Offu; Jr, 2. Steven Chukwuemeka Offu; 3. Beatrice Shalom Offu.Jr. |official websites:;;; |website =Official Websites:;;; |image =Dr. Anthony Offu, Author; International Relations, Global Historian, Management & Leadership Expert, Social Work Consultant. Rtd.,Management & Leadership Studies; .International Political Economy Experts. jpg|caption =The "Life" Biography of Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Sr.|data1 =Template:City of Enugu Template:Enugu-State Template:Defunct Eastern Part of Nigeria {{Born On The Template:September 15th, 1959.|data2 =N/A|data3 =N/A|data4 =American.|data5 =Template:Jones, Okafor etc.|data6 =Research Interest: Political Science, International Political Economy & Dependency Theory Exponent Expert, Pan African & Afrocentric Independent (unaffiliated) Institutional Researcher & Prolific Journal/Internet Writer. Issues: Why Africa's Delayed Development" & Why Africa Is Poor. The External African Nation States-Debt/Loan Crises, Hardship Burden, Relief Issues & African Leadership Corruption/Graft Institutional Problems; The Underdeveloped & Developing World Global Poverty; Globalization,International Development, Capitalist Democracy, Human Right Issues; Trade & Development, Decentralization Liberalization/Deregulation & Empowered Foreign Direct Investment; Prosperity, Power & Wealth & Poverty To Be A History;Children & Families; Abuse & Neglect; Foster Care & Adoption Systems; The Rights of Bio-Parents; International Trade, Capitalism, Imperialism, Colonialism, Industrial Revolution Slavery (Slave Trade System, Finally Abolished) World Wars, Civil Wars & Civil Unrest & Fighting Terrorism & Global Energy Crises, Eradication of Pollution & Climate Changes via Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Earth Atmosphere; The Super Powers of the United States of America & Russia setting strategies solutions for managing World crises via proliferation of Nuclear weaponry of mass destruction & World Order, in increasingly dangerous threatening of "NUK's which can Trigger World War III Need UN-IAEA Summits/accords with profoundly good International Relations with opposing nuclear arsenal & demonstrate leadership ability, capability to pausing dangers, threat from the nuclear proliferation of the third world regional enemies/foes of Iran & Korea peninsula-North Korea emerging threat to world peace & stability.|data7 =Private University of "Asia & Africa" (Dual Program) With Awarded Doctorate In "International Political Economy"; American Bible College University; Doctorate Degree-PhD

In"Management & Leadership Studies; The City College/City University Of Newyork. (CUNY) Master's Degree In "International Relations" & Subsequent Years Awarded Honorable Doctorate (DOC) Diploma/Certificate In "European History & Anthropology "|data8 =Social Work Consultant. Rtd. Author, Global Historian,
International Relations, Dependency Theory, International Political Economy, Journalism/Mass Communication Exponents & Experts, 

Nigeria Oil Firm & Foreign/Multinational Corp/ Oil & Gas- Hydrocarbon Energy Overseas Advisory.|data9 = IMA/International Management Advisor, {Voluntary} Social Work Consultant. Rtd. Author, Management & Leadership, International Political Economy Expert.|data10 = "The Divine Nigeria Motor's Ltd; Elf" & "The Family Dynamics,

Inc"., (Expert Managerial Advisory & Consultants) "The Lutheran Metropolitan Social Services Of The Greater Newyork City".|data11 =Not Paid (Volunteered Oil/Gas Expert Professional Staff) But provided external managerial high level skill expertise in crude oil & gas; refined fuel exploration, extraction,production, loss, profits, cost analysis; as an oil/gas prolific research writer(Hydro-carbon Energy Industry-downstream, midstream & upstream sectors expert.|data12 =N/A|data13 =6ft. 3 inches.|data14 =301 Pounds.|data15 =1986, 1991-1993 & !!2010 respectively.|data16 =Marlene Christiane,ACSW., Professional Potential Credible, Reliable Reference; The Family Dynamics, Inc., Dr.Anthony Harris. PhD; The Lutheran Metropolitan Social Services of The Greater Newyork City.The College of Newyork/The First CUNY Senior University Professor Lawrence Kaplan/ 

"Thesis/Dissertation" Supervisor/CUNY/ The City College of Newyork..The Chancellor/President of The "ABCU University" Samuel Enoh. DD, Psy.D.& PhD in Theology/Seminary Studies.|data18 =Democratic Political Party Member. USA.|data20 =Christianity/Roman Catholic Believer.|data21 =Mrs. Anthonia Ifeoma Offu. Template:Current Nigerian American Cultural & Legal Wife|data23 =Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Jr., Steven Chukwuemeka Offu.

Beatrice Shalom Offu.Jr., Sydney Renee Offu. (Married Name- Brown) & Anthony Cordell Offu (purportedly unknown-father's bio allegedly son, quest & concern about child's paternity Issues still at stake).|data24 = Allegedly (unproven) bio-mother of child without permission of the allegedly supposed paternal bio-father; Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Sr., indicated purportedly & allegedly his name in the child's hospital birth record &
bio-mother an ex-spouse: Tracey Regina Corprew.(Married Name: Offu).|data25 = Alloy Emenike Offu-Oakland-California State, USA;Godwin Francis Offu, Italy-Europe; Moses Offu, Pius Offu Esq (Lawyer), Rev.Father Paul Offu-Awgu Local Govt, Enugu-State, Nigeria; Dr/Associate Professor Peter Offu,(PhD) Ebonyi State University, Enugu-State, Nigeria, all are Cousins. Jacob Etta, San- Francisco, California State-In-law-USA; Mrs. Eucheria Ngozi Offu (wife & widow of Late,Sir, Joseph Obinna Offu-bio-sibling direct brother of Dr. Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Sr. PhD-all named individuals are siblings,including but not limited to Mrs.Thessy Offu Udezulugo-based in Portharcourt, River-State, Nigeria & Italy, Europe;  Catherine Ifeoma Offu-Otiji; Enugu-State, Nigeria; Emmanuel Emeka Offu. London, UK., Richard Ikenna Offu, Portharcourt River-State, Nigeria; Maria Nnenna Offu-Otiji-Portharcourt, River State all names are siblings based & resides both in Nigeria & abroad. Independent Research Health Scholar-Livinus Otiji-In-law, Enugu-State, Nigeria.Engr..Ike Otiji based in USA,,UK & Nigeria-In-law; Emmanuel Okey Okolo- in-law, Abuja, Nigeria; Ejiofor Okolo, based in Abuja, Nigeria & Johannesburg, South Africa, Mrs. Beatrice Okolo Uwanaka-in-law, Enugu-State, Nigeria; Stella Okolo Njoku-in-law, Enugu-State, Nigeria.etc.|data26 = anthonykoffu.|data27 = Template:Www.droffu &|data28 = N/A|data29 = N/A|data30 = N/A|data17 = Augustina Melekwe. MSW.|data19 = ABCU University-Board of Director & Trustee. Dr/Rev. Moses Oladosu. PhD.|data22 = Hamilton Ayuk. PhD. ABCU University. Phoenix & Avondale Cities, Arizona-State, USA.|data31 = N/A|data32 = N/A|data33 = N/A|data34 = N/A|data36 = N/A|data37 = N/A|data38 = N/A|data39 = N/A|data40 = N/A|data42 = N/A|data43 = N/A|data45 = N/A|data48 = N/A|data49 = N/A|data50 = N/A|data35 = N/A|data41 = N/A|data44 = N/A|data46 = N/A|data47 = N/A}}

Dr. Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Ph.D, is a global historian, author, social work consultant rtd, international relations, management and leadership; international political economy expert. A proud patriotic American, globally educated pan African Afrocentric scholar professional & independent unaffiliated writer. He held his first meaningful career oriented job as "senior case worker" working with children & families with CWA/or BCW/ACS NYC child welfare contract agency popularly known as the "Little flower children services [LFCS] of New York".

Dr. Anthony Offu contributed to current reforms and he is strong agent of change in revamping both social service system and SSL laws. In 2002 he returned to Nigeria and was offered a top Management position as an advisor in the oil refinery companies in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.Dr. Offu was adamant and turned down the offer. In 2013, Dr. Anthony Kenechukwu Offu.Sr. published an intellectual book, entitled "The Nigerian Dependent Management and Leadership Development in the post World War ll Colonial Nigeria" Published in the USA by the[1]

Early Life and Education:

Dr. Anthony Offu. Ph.D, was born on sept 15th, 1959 in Enugu, Enugu State (former defunct Anambra State) Eastern part of Nigeria, to the married parents of Honorable Late, Emmanuel Okafor Offu.Sr & the current widow Mrs.Beatrice Enudu Offu.The married couple had nine (9)children. Anthony K. Offu, was the first child out of the nine children. Both Anthony K. Offu,s parents were engaged in the traditional/classical & contemporary occupational clothing designed "African-Nigerian & Indian textile clothing" industry. Anthony Kenechukwu Offu.Sr,s mother contemporary (widow) of the business & occupational designer seamstress, while her husband was a major dealer & a significant dependable Nigerian importer & supplier in the arsenal wholesale business specialty in this same African/Indian textile clothing to his primarily client customers,including but not limited to Anthony Kenechukwu Offu,s mother designer seamstress, & all other imperative customers & clients within the Enugu-State, Nigeria & close by African interested countries in the Sub Saharan regions.Interestingly, both married closely lovely bonded parents raised Anthony Kenechukwu Offu, in this same city, where he later grew up as a teenager in this city called in today's Enugu-State, Nigeria.[2]

Dr. Offu,completed both his high school and undergraduate two (2) year college degree education. He graduated with advanced ordinary national diploma; majoring in mass communication-broadcasting/journalism, in a college called institute of management and technology- located in the City of Enugu. Enugu-State, Nigeria (IMT) in 1982.[2]

Personal Life:

Dr. Offu, has family and currently married with a wife, named Mrs. Anthonia Ifeoma Offu, a registered nurse and (3)three grown teenage adult children. He has two older more matured grown-ups adult from prior/initial marriage.[2]


In pursuit of his further educational career, he traveled to the United States in this same year; Nov, 1982 and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree, in majoring in Political Science & minor in Communication; at Hunter College/City University of New York, in May 30th,1984. He's currently a member of the Alumni. Relentlessly, Dr.Offu, also completed a graduate higher educational program, at the City College/City University of New York, majoring in International Relations, earned & was awarded Master of Arts Degree in the September,1986. Subsequently, In the later years was awarded a post honorable doctorate (post doc) diploma/certificate in the " European History & "Anthropology" He's a member of the College Alumni. In 1991-93, Dr. Anthony Offu, held his meaningful first career job, as a Senior Case Worker, working with children and families (in a contract agency affiliated with CWA/or BCW/ACS NYC child welfare agency) called Little flower children services of New York. Continuing his management and administrative career opportunities, Dr, Offu, earned numerous awards and certificates, in child abuse and maltreatment prevention which accelerated and propelled him to continue social work practice at other contract agencies and research institutions, where he held top management positions. He contributed to current reforms and strong agent of change in revamping both social service system and SSL laws; including but not limited to "foster care and adoption" .[3] During his tenure in office, (between 1993-2002) he provided strong leadership, administrative and managerial skills and a "Social Work Consultant" in a contract agency and operated with a budget of 12.5 million Dollars.[3]

Professional Organization and Honor:

Dr. Offu, returned to Nigeria on vacation in 2002, and was offered a top management position as an advisor with oil refinery companies operating in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Dr.Offu, was adamant and turned down the offer due to lack of time and associated with constrained with "managerial appointment" held in New York City, as well as other directed meaningful goal oriented projects, predominantly the most current intellectual book preoccupying his time and another doctoral program which Dr. Offu was embarked on.[3]

In 2008, Dr. Offu, endlessly in his educational pursuit, enrolled in an off campus long distance post-graduate doctoral correspondence/online yet another program, at "American Bible College University", (a Christian institution) privately-secular, under Arizona State, USA; recognition and accreditation by the board of education post-secondary educational religious degree granting higher institution pursuant to the legal law of Arizona State, USA. (ARS-32-3001 & 32-3002) degree earned and awarded Doctor of philosophy in "Management and Leadership Studies" in summer, 2010.[3]

Books & Other Publications/Internet-Article/Essays Periodicals-Journals/Magazines, Etc:

In 1986, Dr. Offu published a book entitled "Nigerian Dependent Development: UAC Operarions ln The Post World War II Colonial Nigeria". (136 Pages) Published by and the City College of New York City/CUNY respectively.[4] Paradoxically, in January 4th, 2013; as a global historian, Author and "Management & Leadership Expert" overseas " Associate Professor for the one time African University online Education" unaffiliated institution of ideas, contemporary Afrocentric & Pan African black scholar of the 21st century; Dr. Anthony Kenechukwu Offu Sr. Published an intellectual book, entitled "The Nigerian Dependent Management & Leadership Development in the Post World War II Colonial Nigeria" (552 Pages) The publisher is: Author house.Publishing, Inc., respectively.

See Also:

Still Being Worked On! Proposed Book (150) pages/or More. The "Outline & Proposal" entitled, "Why Africa,s Delayed Development" or "Why Few African Regions Are Still Poor"/ Subtitle: "Why Africa Is Poor" By: Dr. Anthony K. Offu. Published By: Offu/ http://www. googles or Offu/URL:Verified & Confirmed by Informed Credible Sources/

Professional Services:

Membership /Licensure:

  • ACI
  • ANA
  • IAPCA Certification
  • International License for Professional Practice
  • NYS Department of Education ‘docstoc’ Licence
  • Senior strong Member of the Association of Black Social Workers of USA; New York Chapter.
  • Member of Democratic Political Party, USA


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External Links: & Writer-Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Sr. Intellectual Works by author Anthony K. Offu.Sr; ISBN: Physical Book-978-1-4722-9431-1 & ISBN: E-Book-978-1-4772-9433-1.

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