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Day of the Diesels is a 2011 CGI feature-length special and film spin-off of the TV series, Thomas & Friends. The film is a follow up, not a direct sequel (though it does feature some of the same characters) to Thomas & the Magic Railroad and a sequel to Calling All Engines, The Great Discovery, Hero of the Rails and Misty Island Rescue. The film's CGI animation is by Nitrogen Studios Canada Inc. The film features the voice of Ben Small and Martin Sherman as Thomas the Tank Engine for the UK and US respectively. The film explores the rivalry between steam engines and diesel engines on Sodor and also reintroduces Diesel 10. This film is also the first Thomas & Friends special in which the protagonist is somebody besides Thomas.


The film begins with Thomas and Percy fighting a fire at a farmhouse. The fire is too much for the two engines. They don't have enough water in their tanks to put out the fire. But then, a large tank engine named Belle, who comes equipped with water cannons, comes to save the day. Soon the fire is out, but now Belle has run out of water. Thomas and Percy want to help their new friend, so they shunt her to the Sodor Steamworks. When they arrive, the Fat Controller congratulates Belle for her bravery. He then states that Sodor needs another fire engine. In response, Belle suggests that a fire engine named Flynn should come to Sodor from the mainland, so the Fat Controller arranges to bring him over.

Over the next few days, Thomas spends all of his time with Belle, making Percy feel left out. The Fat Controller gives Percy the job of delivering Flynn's hose to the Sodor Search and Rescue Center, but before he leaves, Diesel tells Percy that Thomas is going to forget about him and insists that Percy goes to the Sodor Dieselworks to make some new friends, which Percy does. When he arives, Percy is greeted by the most devious diesel engine of all, Diesel 10. The diesels make Percy feel right at home. Percy tells the diesels that he wants to leave so tat he can deliver Flynn's hose, but Diesel 10 insists that Percy lets Dart deliver it instead, which Percy does. The diesels tell Percy that the Dieselworks is in very bad shape. They say that they have costantly tried to tell the Fat Controller that the Deiselworks needs some work, but he only listens to steam engines. Percy knows that the Fat Controller always listens to Thomas, so he tells the diesels that he'll ask Thomas to tell the Fat Controller about the Dieselworks' condition.

Meanwhile, Flynn arrives at Brendam Docks and sets off for the Steamworks. Percy goes to the Steamworks to find Thomas. When he arrives, all of the engines are admiring Flynn. Percy tries to tell Thomas that the Dieselworks need to be repaired, but Thomas interrupts him and says that the Fat Controller has told him to show Flynn around the island. Thomas then rolls up to Flynn. Percy is so sad that he rolls off to Tidmouth Sheds.

The next day, Percy returns to the Dieselworks. When he arrives, the diesels tell him that the Dieselworks' crane, Happy Hook, isn't working. In response, Percy goes to the Steamworks to tell Thomas, but when he arrives, only Kevin is there. Percy tells Kevin about the diesels' dilema and says that if Kevin goes to the Dieselworks, Diesel 10 would call him a hero. Just then, Thomas arrives at the Steamworks and tells Percy that Flynn's hose is missing. Once again, Percy tries to tell Thomas that the Dieselworks need to be repaired, but Thomas rolls up to Victor to talk to him. Sadly, Percy goes off to find Flynn's hose. He searches the whole island for the hose, but soon it gets dark, so Percy returns to Tidmouth Sheds. But when he arrives, Percy sees Flynn in his berth. This makes Percy so upset that he goes off to the Steamworks. When he arrives, Percy tells Kevin that he will take him to the Dieselworks. Kevin isn't too sure about going to the Dieselworks, but before he gets a chance to say anything, he and Percy are on their way. When they arrive, Diesel 10 is delighted to see Kevin there and puts him to work, clearing the Dieselworks of piled up junk.

Once Kevin is finished, Diesel 10 asks Percy if he had told Thomas about the Dieselworks' condition. Percy replies thet he hadn't yet, but he would soon. In response, Diesel 10 insists that Percy tells Thomas to go to the Dieselworks so that the diesels would have his full attention. Unaware of what he's doing, Percy agrees and spends the night at the Dieselworks.

The next day, Percy goes to Knapford Station. When he arrives, Toby, Emily and Stanley tell Percy that Thomas has been looking for him. Just then, Thomas arrives and asks Percy where he has been. Percy replies that he was at the Dieselworks. The other engines are surprised, but before any of them gets a chance to say anything, Gordon arrives and announces Kevin's disappearance. Percy tells his friends that Kevin is at the Dieselworks. In response, Thomas asks Percy if Victor knows where Kevin is. Percy admits that he doesn't and in response, Thomas insists that Percy tells Victor right away.

Meanwhile, back at the Dieselworks, Kevin is having some fun with Happy Hook, but Diesel 10 puts a stop to it. At the Steamworks, Percy tells his friends about the diesels' dilema, but Thomas still doesn't listen, so Percy insists that Thomas goes to the Dieselworks to collect Kevin. Victor is cross and he goes off to tell the Fat Controller.

Percy returns to the Dieselworks and tells Deisel 10 that Thomas is on his way. He also tells Diesel 10 that Victor has left the Steamworks. Diesel 10 tells Percy that he will lead the diesels to the Steamworks so that they can take it over. That way, the Fat Controller would listen to them. When Thomas arrives at the Dieselworks, Diesel 10 tells him that Den and Dart will take good care of him. Den insists that Thomas goes to the back shed and Thomas does so, unaware of what's going to happen next. Diesel 10 snaps his claw, causing sparks to land on oily papers.

Percy leads the diesels to the Steamworks. But when they arrive, Diesel 10 announces that the diesels are not going to give the Steamworks back. Percy is horrified when he sees the diesels running amok in the Steamwork. That's when Percy realises that the diesels are up to no good. He goes back to the Dieselworks to rescue Thomas. But when he arrives, Percy notices that the main shed is on fire! Percy races over to the Search ans Rescue Center to get Belle and Flynn. But when he arrives, Belle reminds Percy that Flynn's hose is still missing. Remembering the trick that the diesels have played on him, Percy thinks the hose is still at the Dieselworks. With that, Percy, Flynn and Belle race to the Dieselworks to put out the fire and rescue Thomas.

When they arrive at the Dieselworks, Percy finds Thomas and Kevin being held captive by Den and Dart in the back shed. He asks Den and Dart where Flynn's hose is. Dart tells Percy that the hose is in the garbage, so Belle and Flynn look for it. Meanwhile, Percy orders Den and Dart to let Thomas and Kevin go, but it's the smell of smoke from the fire that causes the two diesels to run away.

Now that Thomas and Kevi are free, Percy, Thomas and Kevin roll up to the main shed and watch Belle and Flynn put out the fire. Once the fire is out, Thomas and Percy rally up the rest of the Steam Team to take back the Steamworks. At the Steamworks, the Steam Team promises to help the diesels if they give back the Steamworks first. Just then, the Fat Controller drives up. He is very cross at the diesels. The Fat Controller orders Diesel 10 to fix everything that he has damaged. Percy, Thomas, and Kevin tell the Fat Controller that the diesels are sad because the Dieselworks are in desperate need of repair. The Fat Controller reveals that he was planning to restore the Dieselworks all along, but certain things take time.

The steam engines and the diesel engines work together to restore the Dieselworks. Soon, the Dieselworks are fully restored and ready for the grand reopening. During the Dieselworks reopening ceremony, the Fat Controller tells all of the engines that the new Dieselworks are special because it is a reminder of what happens when Really Useful Engines work together and he is very proud of the fact that the steam engines and the diesel engines have worked as a team.



  • Belle
  • Flynn
  • Den
  • Dart
  • Happy Hook
  • Sidney (Not named)
  • Norman (Not named)
  • Paxton (Not named)






  • Day of the Diesels was shown on PBS Sprout on August 24th and September 5, 2011. It was also shown on Milkshake During the Christmas Season
  • Day of the Diesels was supposed to be released between the fourteenth and fifteenth seasons, but was delayed until after the fifteenth season for unexplained reasons.
  • In this special, the name of Thomas' driver is revealed to be Bob.
  • Day of the Diesels had a limited release in select US and UK theaters. It is also the first Thomas and Friends Special to be shown in IMAX theaters.


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