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Countly is an open source, real-time mobile analytic and marketing platform to track user behaviour, identify in-app purchase patterns.[1] and get insights from mobile and web applications, suitable for deploying self-hosted (on-prem) or available as a SaaS platform. A mobile analytics platform helps understand download trends, store performance and usage behavior, which are key data that can help increase sales or downloads, as well as user interaction[2]

Countly Software Development Kit (SDK), integrated inside mobile apps or web pages, collects data from applications and sends it to a central service to generate real-time reports, funnels, segmented data. On-demand reporting is supported through a web dashboard.

Countly is one of the most used mobile analytics platforms[3], with its SDK installed over 3000 applications, more than 1200 being from iOS according to Mixrank [4], collecting more than 50B+ API requests per month. Countly server user interface is translated in 30 languages [5]. Licensed with modified AGPL Affero General Public License and being a popular repository with over 1250 stars, developers can contribute to Countly development through Github. [6]


Countly is founded in 2013 with investment from Seedcamp [7]. When asked about the reason to start this project during an interview, co-founder Onur Alp Soner said "There was a demand for on an open source mobile analytics platform" [8]. Initially being a mobile-analytics only company, Countly added more features on top of its initial offerings, including push notifications, crash reports, user profiles and referral tracking. While Countly initially supported Blackberry, [9] company dropped this support at the end of 2014.

Companies using Countly include Samsung, Intel, Ubisoft, Qualcomm, SK Telecom, Verizon and Coupons.


Self-hosted mobile and web analytics platforms gives application developers an ability to avoid storing confidential analytics data in third-party services, ensuring compliance with highest security standards including HIPAA and COPPA. Countly is compatible with these regulatory standards, and includes tools for analytics, marketing and messaging in 3 flavors:

  • Modified AGPL-licensed Community Edition installable on a Linux box (open source)
  • Cloud Edition for SaaS service
  • Enterprise Edition with extended features

Notable features of Countly include mobile analytics with segmentation for iOS, Android, Windows Phone devices and HTML5 mobile apps, segmented push notifications, referral tracking, crash reporting (iOS, Android, Javascript), User Profiles and Funnels.

Countly also uses plugins, a method to extend features without modifying the system core, eliminating the need to download all packages at once and giving a simple way to extend functionality of the system.


Countly is based on open source components, including but not limited to Node.js, MongoDB, Expressjs and Linux as the operating system. Dashboard and backend relies on more than 30 open source libraries and frameworks. Countly API[10] can be used by third parties to build custom applications, such as reporting tools, dashboard extensions and mobile applications. [11]

Product limitations

While there are attempts to migrate Countly to Windows and Mac OSX, its installer scripts are complex and currently run effectively under Linux, specifically Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Although configurable, there are default limits for underlying application server and database:

  • 500 events for Events view, 100 segmentations for each event and 1000 unique values for each segmentation
  • 500 events for Drill view (together with Events view)
  • A total of 8 steps for Funnels


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