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Chef Earl Routh born November 16 19/61 was a word of government, runaway at age of 14 and started his cooking career trained and certified under both Canadian and European standards. Developed excellent professional ethics by way of long term experience in the food and beverage industry. Comfortable and experienced in all aspects of culinary management, including recruiting, hiring and training. Exceptional administrative skills very efficient in budgeting and event planning. Developed a strong understanding in most cuisines and with a hands approach and a positive attitude any challenge is perfected. Great entrepreneurial skills gained via experience as owner operator of multiple restaurants and hotels. Developed a strong understanding in most cuisines and with a hands approach and a positive attitude any challenge is perfected. Always takes great pride in having cleanest and most organized kitchens.

    Related Work Experience 
S. M. L. Industries – Fort McMurray, AB 1978-1981 Cook and Apprentice 
Selected Accomplishments

• In his apprenticeship he had learned to control the line in all there 8 various locations (Smitty’s, Garden Café, Oreilles, Bucket Wheel, Dairy Queen, A&W, La Cuisine, and Peter Pond Hotel.


• As a cook he was assigned the responsibilities of making dishes mainly sea foods and meats. Expertise in roasting, grilled foods and baking dishes which are favorite dishes of customers of La Cuisine and Peter Pond Hotel. • Also expertise in making vegetarian dishes and was assigned the task of making side items using vegetables and fresh fruits juices of various varieties. • He used his innovative style in making the fresh fruit juices by adding heath complements like herbs and spices which adds apart from health taste and flavor.

Syncrude Canada Ltd. – Fort McMurray, AB 1981-1984 Cook

Selected Accomplishments

• He would create a schedule of meals to serve to large groups of workers (2000 to 5000) in a dining hall. • Had to be healthy and include options for workers and staff that have special dietary needs.


• He had to do orders supplies, prepare the meals, supervises the people who serve the meal and cleans up at the end of the meal.

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof 1984 – 1986 Cook and Student

Selected Accomplishments

• Strengthen his knowledge of classic French, Mediterranean, American, Chinese, and Italian cuisines.


• Cooking for 5 - star 8 different theme restaurants • Cooking for 19 conference rooms, including a ballroom for up to 450 persons and a Business Centre.

Hotel Denmark – Copenhagen, Denmark 1986 – 1988 Cook and Student

Selected Accomplishments

• He became firmly rooted in culinary traditions to emphasize progressive techniques and trends. • As a student, he had the opportunity to receive practical training in a modern kitchen to be adequately prepared for my future in culinary arts. • The broad range of hospitality and restaurant management skills taught in the Culinary Management programs at Hotel Denmark prepared him to run a food operation from front to back. Responsibilities • Responsibility of making new delicious healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to their culinary expertise.

La Cuisine, Paris, France 1988 – 1989 Student

Selected Accomplishments

• He became a skilled international professional chef by being taught by talented chefs with different backgrounds and experiences. Responsibilities • Learned a variety of different cooking classes in English, from preparing a three-course meal to mastering a perfectly buttery croissant.

S. M. L. Industries Fort McMurray, AB 1989 - 1994 General Manager

Selected Accomplishments

• Became experience with several hotel operation systems • Also became skillful in project planning/ tasks and able to prioritize projects/ tasks.


• Was responsible for achieving optimal guest satisfaction and a good working environment to attain all set objectives well running in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures and Policies as set out by the company. • Implementation of optimal and attractive products and services required to address the hotel’s target groups, based on pre-agreed marketing plans and budgets • Draw up plans and budget concepts (revenues, costs, etc.); • Safeguard the realization, tracing and adjustment of deviations; • Developing improvement actions, carry out costs savings; • Guard/ controlling of cost price • Delivering of data and proposals for the budgets and investments. • Safeguard quality of operations (internal & external audits) • Coordinate planning of Department Heads and Assistant Managers with regard to time-tables, work schedules, employment of employees within the different services; solving of bottle necks; • Coordination of the execution of activities via instructions to the Heads of Departments/ Assistant Managers, supervision of the execution; • Determination of the workforce, recruitment and hiring of new staff, supervision of sufficient introduction, execution of performance reviews and training of staff. • Be accountable for responsibilities of department heads in their absence. • Prepare a monthly financial reporting. • Ensure an adequate administration, for the outgoing and incoming invoices, for the payment of invoices and for drawing up periodical management data. • Justify deviations and differences.

Other tasks

• Handling complaints, in the last resort. • Other reliable to the above mentioned, tasks in order of the executive; • Handing over opinions and beliefs, decisions etc. to the executives; • Leading various internal and external meetings;

Hotel Vancouver – Vancouver, BC 1994 - 1999 Executive Chef

Selected Accomplishments

• Became efficient in cost control while preparing delicious quality healthy food and thereby gives profit to the organization as well as satisfactions to customers.


• Was in charge of all things related to the kitchen which usually includes menu creation; management of kitchen staff; ordering and purchasing of inventory; and plating design. • As a chef he took the responsibility of making new delicious healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. • Managed a team of 25 cooks and ran 4 banquet rooms (100 to 500 seat capacities) a deli and a butcher shop in that hotel. • Responsible for establishing clear rules and regulations while making dishes which helped the team mates to follow guidelines and prepare healthy delicious dishes

Best Western – Millennium Centre Sherwood Park, AB 2000-2003 Executive Chef

Selected Accomplishments

• Extensive experience in catering for small & large groups (50 to 2500).


• It was the responsibility of managing and delivering quality delicious food by managing a team of 20 cooks and chefs. • He took the responsibility of maintaining all the inventories required for food and beverage department. • Earl was in charge of training all departments related to food and beverage areas • His responsibility was train chefs and cooks for following procedures and rules, while preparing healthy, delicious food along with quality. • It was Earls responsibility of assigning menus for the day and present different variety menus on different days which attract customers. • He was also responsible for 6 banquet rooms(300 to 2000 seat capacity), restaurant(120 seat capacity ), lounge(100 seat capacity), consecution stand and, 14 meeting rooms (20 to 100 seat capacity)

Owned and Operated Hotel & Restaurants 2003-2010

Selected Accomplishments

• Owned a variety of different establishments including one that received a michelin star. • Took control of new legislative rules and regulation for food. • Having all his staff certified in their positions while they worked in the company.


• Managing all responsibilities tasks • Responsible for establishing clear rules and regulations connected with the ownership of the hotel, and restaurant property itself. Such as maintaining the property and buildings, making decisions regarding the landscaping, securing a business license, and making sure all taxes are paid in a timely manner. • Making sure guest relations and the development of amenities for those staying at the hotel are done. • Hiring a proper management team. for operational tasks

CNRL Popular Point (ESS) – Fort McMurray, AB 2010- 2012 Chef (local 47)`

Selected Accomplishments

• Planning a variety of menus for 2000 people at the camp. • Establishing dietary needs for the camp


• Cooking day to day for different menus • Responsibility of managing and delivering quality delicious food by managing a team of 42 cooks and staff. • Inventory control • Ordering and Food quality control

Suncor Firebag Village (Sodexo) – Fort McMurray, AB 2012- Present Chef (local 47)

Selected Accomplishments

• Planning a variety of menus for 600 people at the camp. • Establishing dietary needs for the camp


• Cooking day to day for different menus • Responsibility of managing and delivering quality delicious food by managing a team of 22 cooks and staff. • Inventory control • Ordering • Food quality control

Additional Work Experience

• Consultant to organizations as Albert’s Restaurant and Food Service Association, Denny's Canada, GroupEx Service Ltd. • Instructed for Keyano College, Fort McMurray Alberta and N.A.I.T. Edmonton Alberta, Culinary departments. • Tourism Hospitality Education Council Advisor. • Deloitte & Touché operating as Management and advisor on Hotel/Restaurant Receiverships. Skills & Achievements


• Able to give direction and be responsible for the implementation of plans. • Monitor effectiveness and introduce changes in response to the marketplace. Set targets, plan and schedule work and performance indicators that are typically productivity and efficiency measures. • Ability to analyze, forecast data, and makes judgments to ensure proper knowledge of supplies and equipment for food cost control and inventory control. • Managed all kitchen and restaurant operation including purchasing of all restaurant equipment, perishable, and nonperishable food items. Effectively maintaining quality of food products and ensuring that deliveries and standards are consistent. • Knowledge of computer accounting programs, as well as budgetary analysis capabilities, and all bookkeeping functions. • Oversee all catering events to ensure an efficient food operation and to ensure the highest quality of food is being served with the best presentations and takes corrective action when necessary. • Building a positive atmosphere in the kitchen organization, which will achieve maximum productivity and a high degree of responsibility towards maintaining quality of food ensuring consistency. • Conscientious for the overall direction, supervision, training and personal conducts of all employees assigned to the kitchen operation. • Successfully manages teams. Excellent people management skills including delegation, giving feedback, promoting teamwork, and performance management. • Extensive knowledge of menu development for catering small and large events, cafés, fine dining establishments.


• Have also trained students and turned them into chefs, by conducting practical and training cooking classes. • Have received appreciation and certification, for making excellent new delicious dishes. • Received many metals in cooking competitions. • Place first place in Frankfurt Germany in a world chef competition for team Canada.

Education & Certifications 

Cook Apprenticeship (Keyano Collage) 1981 - 1984 – Red Seal Chef VC4754 (Achieved well working) Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof (Frankfurt Germany) 1984 – 1986 – Master’s Program (Culinary Arts) C7695 (Achieved well working) Hotel Denmark (Denmark Copenhagen) 1986 - 1988

                 – Bachelors in Culinary Arts, GPA 3.9
(Achieved well working)   

La Cuisine Paris (Paris France) 1988 - 1989

         – Cordon Bleu diploma
(Achieved well working)   

Hotel Restaurant Management Program (CDI Collage) 1990 - 1991 – Food and Beverage Management diploma Computer up Grading (NAIT) 1993 - 1994 Accounting (NAIT Edmonton, Alberta) 1997 - 1999 (Achieved well working)


• Cordon d’Or Diploma Course • Canadian Meat Course (Butcher) • Hygiene and Food Handing Course • Serving it Right (British Columbia Server program SIR) • First Aid (Spectrum Safety Services oil field) • Dietitian Course (Licensed by Dietitians of Alberta) • ASIP Certificate (Alberta Server Intervention Program) • Smart Responsible Gambling (Mandatory certificate if you have any VLTs) • Canada Health, Safety and Environmental Orientation • CSTS (Construction Safety Training System) • WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) • OSSA (Oil Sands Safety Training)

Volunteer Experience 

• Hosted the yearly MS Bike Tour - Leduc to Camrose Last year it raised over $1.8 million for multiple sclerosis. • Originally started the society in 1992 The Tree of Hope, to date this has raised $150,000 in support of the Leduc food bank. • Many other charities to do with United Way


  • Albert’s Restaurant and Food Service Association
  • Denny's Canada
  • GroupEx Service Ltd
  • Keyano College
  • N.A.I.T.
  • Deloitte & Touché
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