Casting About is a lyrical documentary that explores the experience of casting for a dramatic film, weaving together footage from auditions with 350 actors in Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, and Los Angeles. The film’s distributor is Kino International. The film was directed by Barry Hershey, who also directed The Empty Mirror, Leading to War, Odyssey, Filmmaker, Untitled, Lucifer and Sound of Peace.


This film arose from the casting for a fiction film, Moving Still, which to this day has not been made - though the feature script has been rewritten many times over the years. Casting About allows the viewer to have a unique perspective, witnessing interviews with the actors as well as performances of monologues and scenework from the ficture film. The footage is intertwined to create an impressionistic collage. The viewer is offered the opportunity to experience what it is like to cast for a film – evaluating actors against the demands of the script as well as in juxtaposition to the other actors auditioning. The film explores the boundaries between fiction and reality and the line between voyeurism and intimacy. Casting About is not a traditional film, but rather weaves together these intimate portraits into a poetic journey for the audience.


Critical reaction to the film was generally favorable. Matt Zoller Seitz of The New York Times says Casting About is "A solid documentary about how art is made...".[1] Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times calls it “A fascinating and surprisingly involving film... remarkable... made with awe and admiration, a tribute to people whose life work is as much a calling as a career.” [2] Gerald Peary of The Boston Phoenix exclaimed, “...this lovely, almost embarrassingly intimate documentary... What raw, exposed moments! The tryouts reveal so much!” [3] Also impressed, Richard Kuipers of Variety says “The acting process is joyously celebrated in Casting About, a captivating documentary... that pays uplifting tribute to acting traditions and female spirit in equal measure.” [4] Alternatively on a negative front, Ty Burr of The Boston Globe remarks "Still, the film's a striking piece of work that, in the end, is just an inspired stunt." [5] Similarly, Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter describes the film as "A simultaneously dispiriting and inspiring portrait of the auditioning process…" [6]


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