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Bia was born in Beirut, Lebanon 26 March, she relocated to Dubai in 2005 where she worked in Media & Marketing Agencies.

Bia came from a musical background family; her Father Mustafa Alloush played drums and composed music, also he worked with famous and popular Arab singers Stars. She began taking more interest in music in 2013, learning to play guitar and piano, produce, write and perform her own songs.

Her first release in 2013 was a remake of an old popular song, Ya Setti Ya Khetyara , where Bia re-represented it in a new music style that never been produced before and the song is released with Mazzika Records - Egypt.

The wide success of her first Hit led Bia to produce more songs that received and still, excellent admiration from both press and audiences, like Nater, I Will Live My Life(an English & Arabic lyrics song) in 2013 and Bhebbak in 2014, with a unique fusion between International dance music style and Arabic Lyrics, insuring Bia's public notability and being featured in local and regional media, articles and exclusive interviews, also TV appearance on Hawas TV, Orbit showtime - Ouyoun Beirut and live interview with Khabar3ajel. com

Bia continues her success in writing and producing new songs;

"Music is an interesting activity for me, I believe in making a difference and to be unique with your talent and be yourself, hence I started my music activity from Dubai." - Bia.


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Bia Alloush الفنانة اللبنانية بيا

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