Atsushi Shindo (新堂 敦士 Shindō Atsushi) is a singer/songwriter who is known for his creation of music for the Pop'n Music line of Bemani games. He has also written songs for artists such as Hello! Project's Melon Kinenbi. Having signed a five-year contract with Konami (which has recently expired), his songs are mainly folk songs with the genre "power folk".

Songs produced

name genre premiered in
Nanka henda! (なんか変だ!?, "Something is strange") power folk pop'n music 3
Kimi wo kowasitai (君を壊したい?, "We would like to break you") power folk 2 pop'n music 4
Kimi ga suki dayo, Mamotte mamotte agerukara (君が好きだよ~守って守ってあげるから?, "I love you, I protect and protect you") power folk 3 pop'n music 5
Kimi ga suki dayo, Mamotte mamotte agerukara (Folky Version) (君が好きだよ~守って守ってあげるから Folky Version?) power aco pop'n music 5
Slow Down power folk 4 pop'n music 5 (console)
Samurai syndrome (サムライ・シンドローム?) power folk 5 pop'n music 7
Fashion ~Ver.1~ power folk 6 pop'n music 8
Kimi wo kowasitai (Live ver.) (君を壊したい?, "We would like to break you (Live ver.)") power folk 2 live pop'n music 8
Shake! power folk 7 pop'n music 6 (console)
Dynamic ! Atomic ! S.C.B.G. ~Ver.1~ cyber rockabilly pop'n music 9
Nervous breakdown -type zero- (ナーバス ブレークダウン~タイプゼロ~?) digi folk pop'n music 10
New Sensation slash beats pop'n music 9 (console)

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