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Anvaya is a Khmer association established in 2010 whose goal is to gather and accompany the return movement from overseas Cambodian. Anaya is an independent, apolitical and non-profit organization. It is active in Cambodia but also among the main communities of the Cambodian diaspora.[1] [2]

Anvaya has over 300 registered members across the World, members also called “Anvayiste”.

Name and emblem

The name Anvaya is coming from the Sanscrite language and means family or lineage. The Anvaya’s emblem is a set of three lotus flowers, which superimposed form a single flower. Each flowers symbolizes one of the continents of the Diaspora (Europe, America, Oceania) which together represent Cambodia.


Anvaya was created in 2010 by two friends, Soreasmey Ke Bin, a French-Cambodian and David Yim, a Cambodian-American. These two entrepreneurs have returned in Cambodia in early 00’s and made the observation of the lack of accommodation for Cambodian returnees. Anvaya was first launched as a free network aiming to gather members around regular events.

In 2013 Anvaya is officially registered as a fully-legal association and has been established a real structure around Soreasmey Ke Bin, its founder president.


Anvaya is managed by a Steering Committee of 6 directors elected by 30 members of the permanent Council of the association with a mandate of two years. At the moment, the President of the Association is Soreasmey Ke Bin, who is one of the two co-founders.


The main goal of Anvaya is to ease the return of the Cambodian diaspora. Anvaya confided 4 main missions.

  • Gather all the returnees within a social and professional effective network.
  • Support and welcome overseas Cambodians in their effort to return.
  • Inform overseas Cambodian on business, social and employment opportunities in Cambodia.
  • Develop opportunities for overseas Cambodians to return from abroad, especially young professionals.

Anvaya also has the ambition and desire to be recognized as a real driving force in the future, a recognized player in the rebirth of Cambodia and a preferred partner for the private sector, international institutions and government.


All the members of Anvaya are originate from Cambodia and have lived among the Cambodian diaspora communities. They could be in Cambodia or overseas.

In March 2015, Anvaya count 300 members. To be noticed that, since the beginning and its official registration Anvaya can count on the support and the membership of leading characters of the Diaspora such as the Cambodian society. So, two ministers are currently members : Sun Chanthol, Minister of trade and Dr. Ing Khantha Phavi, Minister of Women. Film directors and producers, Rithy Panh, Davy Chou and Visal Sok, the three of them are French-cambodian and also members of Anvaya. Other artists are members such as Peap Tarr, Fonki, the cartoonist Séra but also some singers such as Tony Keo (Canadian) and Laura Mam (USA). The sport environment includes also some members such as Tep Rivihit, the general secretary of the Cambodian tennis federation and the N°1 Cambodian tennisman, Kenny Bun (French). Thierry Chantha Bin and Boris Kok, both French-Khmer footballer, had also subscribed to Anvaya. Concerning the business environment, Pily Wong the former president of the French Chamber of Commerce is an Anvaya counselor. The current president of Anvaya, Soreasmey Ke Bin is also the secreteray general of the French Chamber of Commerce. Other major figure of the Cambodian business scene are members of Anvaya such as Thierry Tea who is a counselor of the French foreign trade.


The association is financing by the subscriptions and donations of its members. In 2015 the French deputy, Thierry Mariani has chosen to subsidize Anvaya on his diplomatic reserve.


Anvaya intend several types of activities addressed to their members in Cambodia such as overseas. Subscribers in Cambodia meet each other every second Thursday of each month for a Monthly Afterwork that could gather over a hundred of people. Since 2013 a series of monthly dinners are revolved around Cambodian personalities from the government or from the society such as the French Ambassador, Mr. Jean-Claud Pomboeuf, the director Rithy Panh, the deputy Hun Many or the deputy from the opposition Mu Sochua.

In July 2012 and April 2013, two symposiums are organized on the purpose of the Diaspora at the French Institute of Cambodia.

Furthermore, Khmer courses, oral and literature are proposed to members of Anvaya in Phnom Penh. Besides Anvaya propose regular outing cultural and sporting. Members had the chance to accompany Father François Ponchuaud to recall the events of April 1975. Treks and outing in the forest are also organized such as tree planting or site cleaning. Anvaya has also a football team in Phnom Penh, called Anvaya Keila. And has the willing to create another one in Lyon (France). Besides, some Anvaya members are distinguishing themselves in different sport competitions (tennis, half-marathon etc…)

Relationship with authorities

Anvaya is nonpolitical but it keep a strengthen dialogue with Cambodian authorities such as Government or other administrations. In October 2012, Anvaya was at the the Royal Palace to pay tribute to the King Fther Norodom Sihanouk, this delegation was invited by the Prince Norodom Nanariddh in the capacity of element of the civil society.

A MOU was signed in March 2014 with the Cambodian Olympic Committee providing a mission to Anvaya which is to recruit athlete from the Diaspora for the next sporting event such as SEA Games and Olympic games.[3] [4]

The association count a wide majority of French members and has a strong relationship with the French Embassy. Its especially thanks to this relationship that Anvaya has signed in November 2013 a agreement for the building of a memorial for the victims of the Khmer Rouge. This project is predicted for summer 2015 and is supported by Ing Séra a French-cambodian artist.[5]

Anvaya Reatrei

In march 2015, Anvaya has organized its first Gala known as Anvaya Reatrei. This event has gather more than 150 people and has awarded the most deserving members of the year. Rithy Panh was awarded as the best director, Thierry Chanta Bin for the best athlete. The French-cambodian Borany Mam won the award of the best activist for her association ASPK cho aim to restore and protect the painting at the Nation Museum of Phonm Penh. In the muscical category, Tony Keo a Canadian singer won the award. Such has the American-cambodian Chanda Hun who won as the best entrepreneur. And Peap Tarr won the award for the best designer.


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