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The American Iris Society (AIS) is a nonprofit (501C3) organization devoted to the study of the Genus Iris_(plant) .[1] It was founded in 1920 at a meeting called at the New York Botanical Gardens and has a worldwide membership.[2] It is the International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) for Iris[3] excluding Bulbous Iris registered by the KAVB (The Koninklijke Algemeene Vereniging voor Bloembollencultuur, translated from Dutch as the Royal General Association for Bulb Culture) [4]


The World Checklist accepts about 300 species of Iris among the 1440 botanical names for Iris it listed in 2014. While some of these represent synonyms others of these names are botanical forms, subspecies or varieties. (4). The American Iris Society in addition has registered over 60,000 cultivars. The AIS provides descriptions of these variations and species in its published checklists and in addition images on it’s online Iris Encyclopedia. The Iris Encyclopedia is a wiki, so it is peer reviewed by Irisarians, and botanical researchers and similar in concept to Wikipedia. It is estimated that it currently (2014) contains over 95% of Iris names and descriptions and continues to be a work in progress.

The Encyclopedia currently is assembling a comprehensive library of Iris literature (5) (10) (11). The AIS provides a horticultural classification of each Iris based upon the Iris’s culture, size, and generally garden use. The following classifications are used; (TB) Tall-bearded Iris, (BB) Border Bearded Iris, (MTB) Miniature Tall Bearded, (IB) Intermediate Bearded, (SDB) Standard Dwarf Bearded, (MDB) Miniature Dwarf Bearded, (AR) Aril, (AB) Arilbred, and for beardless hybrids and species; (SIB) Siberian, (SPU) Spuria, (LA) Louisiana, (PCN) Pacific Coast Natives, and (JI) Japanese, and two other categories that encompass all classes; (SPEC) Species and (SPX) Species Crosses. Essentially all of the previous classes were refinements out of the last two categories. (6)


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