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Adventure Bucket List (ABL) is a business-to-business technology company[1] that integrates activity and tour booking into online travel retailers. Current CEO Ryan Stobie founded the company in the spring of 2014, and joined forces with current COO Blake Pridham, CTO Alex Griggs and VP of Sales Rita LeBlanc. The company is currently based in Sunnyvale, California.[2]

The Technology

Adventure Bucket List is a free booking platform and central reservation system software that uses two lines of code[3] to integrate a plug-in/widget on retailer sites. Tour operators are the suppliers of all activity data, which are compiled onto a single database that determines the activities, prices, and locations of operators worldwide.


Adventure Bucket List technology company has won three awards:

  1. University of British Columbia Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition winner, Kelowna, BC(Feb.8, 2014)[4]
  2. Plug n' Play Startup Showdown winner, Vancouver, BC (June.18, 2014)
  3. Plug n' Play Expo winner, Sunnyvale, CA (September.18, 2014)


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