Dr. Kaminko (Japanese: カミンコ博士 Dr. Kaminko) is an eccentric scientist who lives in a run-down mansion located in western Orre and who makes his first and only appearance to date in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, in which he plays a supporting role of moderate importance. The doctor specializes in generally-useless but sometimes viable inventions, the most important of which being the Robo Kyogre, which takes the player to Citadark Isle after a bit of tinkering done by Makan, and which is, apparently, the only one of them to serve any useful purpose.

Known Inventions

These are some of Dr. Kaminko`s inventions:

  • Robo Groudon
  • Robo Kyogre, which takes Micheal to Citadark Isle
  • The 'Power-saving refrigerator', an energy-efficient refrigerator that only turns on when someone is in front of it, and which therefore causes food to spoil very quickly.
  • The 'unhealthy Sandals' (Japanese: Shuckle Shoes) which, as the name implies, are shoes with raised nubs that cause one to feel dull and listless. This invention was purchased by a man in Agate Village who will wonder at their efficacy.
  • The 'power-draining lightbulb', a lightbulb that causes electricity bills to increase greatly by consuming ten times the energy as a normal lightbulb.
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