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Dr. Helmy Bahgat Badawi (دكتور/ حلمي بهجت بدوي) was born in Alexandria, Egypt on November 13, 1904.

He was a prominent arbitrator and legislator on both the national and international arenas.

Amongst many of the responsibilities that he undertook in his career in Egypt, he served as Minister of Commerce and Industry (Egypt) and later as Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority (Egypt), both in the 1950’s.

A short biography of Dr. Helmy Bahgat Badawi is as follows:

1- Received a PhD in law from the Sorbonne in Paris in the 1920's

2. Taught law at the University of Cairo

3. Was appointed a judge on the Mixed Tribunals in the 1930's

4. Worked for the Credit Foncier Egyptien in the 1940's-1950's

5. Was named Minister of Commerce and Industry in the Mohamed Naguib government in 1952

6. Was the Egyptian representative on the Board of Directors of the old Suez Canal Company 1954 - 1956

7. Developped the legal argument for the nationalisation of the Canal

8. Named first Chairman of the Suez Canal authority upon nationalisation on July 26, 1956

9. Was an international arbitrator in the Saudi Arabia/Aramco conflict on transportation of petroleum 1955-1957

10. Headed the Egyptian delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in 1956



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