dotVar is the popular name of Llevar Atoi Small, the author & performing artist of the 2 disc Mixtape XXVIII B.C. Project who was born on Monday April 12, 1982 at Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Kingston Jamaica. Growing up as the only child of his single parent home—he often spent time playing alone & entertaining himself as his mother (Erica Lewis) worked endlessly to provide and maintain food and shelter for herself and child.

In the mid to late 80s Erica, blessed with an outstanding voice was an aspiring Caribbean vocalist. After various talent search performances she was awarded the opportunity to record her debut single titled "You Don't Know" that mother and son would hear playing over the radio while being passengers on local bus rides to school & work. "We would look at each other smile and wink at each other every time we were together & they played her song" Small said about hearing his mother's voice over the airwaves.

The demands and male chauvinistic practices of the Reggae music industry was in opposition of Erica's moral. It ultimately caused her to cease her pursuit of becoming a recording artist. Though no longer recording music Erica kept expressing her love for the art by constantly playing songs from the 1950s-1990s around the house that subconsciously imprinted themselves to the mind of her young son.

At an early age Llevar developed his own passion for dancehall music, not just listening to songs but also memorizing the lyrics. "I always wanted hear certain songs & I knew I wasn't getting a Walkman any time soon so I would study the lyrics of the songs I like then deejay them to myself whenever I wanted to hear the song" Small said about learning lyrics. He is also on record crediting artist such as Professor Nuts, Ninja Man & Shabba Ranks as he would create his own little spectacle in the St. Aloysius Primary school yard deejaying the before mentioned artist lyrics in the same manner as the artist.

In early 1994 Llevar Small migrated from the diaspora known as Jamaica to reside in the United States. During brief stay with absentee father in Bronx, NY, Small had his first experience of rap music. "...I don't know what the hell they were saying but the melody caught me" Small said of the 1st rap song he fell in love with. "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" he said smiling "... Became a major Hip Hop fan after that". "hip hop & basketball were my welcome to America gifts" said Small. Small relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to continue living with his mother now in the States.

After spending his 1st decade in America as an undocumented alien, Small graduated high school to a dead end. Unable to pursue secondary education & unable to work, started on a path of legal tribulations that only got worst after becoming a legal resident of the U.S.. In fall 2008 Small was faced with a decision to make. After two years of court appearances stemming from a 2006 arrest the conclusion was either become a law abiding resident of the United States or become a Jamaican deportee. The decision was made; take life more serious. Llevar Small became focused & driven to make something of himself. This newly found drive and focus was motivational but lacked purpose.

This purpose manifested itself following a reminiscing conversation with a child hood friend Black Dada, who experienced success in the music industry after creating a potent buzz on the street mixtape circuit. In their conversation Dada advised Small to refrain from all illegal activity and pursue a career as a recording artist. The idea was immediately dismissed by Small. But as the days following the Black Dada conversation turned to weeks Small could not shake the thought of recording music. Small eventually caved in & approached recording engineer/producer & co worker Remy J about scheduling a recording session as a means of decapitating the incessant thought of him recording.

That initial recording is now his 1st hip hop single titled " I Don't Party Sober". The track was produced and engineered by Remy J and it features Black Dada. After running the idea of him recording by his closet friend Michael Wilson, Wilson's reply was "shit why not; what do you have to lose?". In 2011 Small & Wilson joined forces, become business partners & created their own independent recording brand know as RamScaleMusic to solidify his transition from Llevar A Small to dotVar.

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