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Donald Justin Smith

Donald Justin Smith A.K.A Left Gunz(Born November 11,1987) is an American Rap Artist mainly in the underground network he is featured on a variety of hip hop mixtapes. He is 1/4 of the underground group BFG(Born for Greatness) he is the younger brother of author DASH.He is also a graduate of Mount Saint Michael Academy in Bronx,NY. Donald Smith also spent time in the United States Navy from 2006-Present. He is currently working on his Debut solo CD Entitled LAVISH LIFE VOL.1


Early life

Donald Smith was born in The Bronx, New York to Patrick Smith and Jessica Joseph. he spent a small portion of his childhood in Dallas where he attended E.B. COMSTOCK he later moved back to the Bronx where he grew up in Castle hill projects. Donald is noted for giving his upbringing in these houses to his success as a Artist where he learned the basics of the game at.

High School

during his time at Mount Saint Michael he wrote and recorded his first song called Two Step the contained a vocal sample from rapper 50 Cent the success from this song gained him a wide spread of notariety amongst his peers and even caught the attention of the schools top rapper Kamaal Klassik Burrowes, Nick Dow Jonez Latouche, David Fresh Boswell and Christian Proce$$ Harris- Foster.Impressed by each others work ethic and desire for Hip Hop they decided to come together and form a group called BFG(Born For Greatness). while in the group Donald and his group members recorded and performed all throughout local talent shows which caused them to become a big success in the Bronx

Military Career

After graduating from High School Donald left for basic training in the United States Navy at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois in the summer of 2006 after completing his training he was assigned to USS Anzio (CG-68) Where he became apart of OIF.During his time onboard he participated in many joint operations with various militaries from around the world his most notable joint operation was conducted with a group called CTF 151 where he was a key player in the counter piracy Operations that were conducted. for his role as LSO during these operations Donald was awarded with one of the Navy's highest honors the Navy and MarineAchievement Medal. During this operation he was interviewed by the Daily News (New York) during his interview Smith stated "Watching them play, it just brings me back home," when he was asked about his opinion on his home team the New York Yankees.[1]

Music Career

He is currently working on his highly anticipated Debut CD entitled the Lavish Life Vol. 1 . which is scheduled for release in early Fall


  1. ' 'DAILY NEWS' ' ,U.S. sailor fans keep 'Aye' on Yankees from the Gulf of Aden,June 3,2012
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