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== Don Daring ==

Early Life

Little is known about Daring’s early life…he was born at Peoples Hospital in Jasper, Alabama. He was the only son of Ray and Kathleen Daring. Don was a star of the high school football team. Playing the halfback position on his football team, where he earned the nickname " Dashing Daring" and helped his team to become the conference champions. After a brief stint in the United States Navy, he attended Walker Regional College.

Film Career

His above average looks, powerful physique and a “dash” of luck brought an offer for motion picture screen tests that should have resulted in a long and successful career in Hollywood. “ I guess I was just a little too late….” Daring commented on his all but too brief film career. He appeared in a few minor roles until he was cast as the star in the Western entitled Riding for Trouble, the movie also features Jim Gimble as Biscut Jack and it was this movie that Daring received his faithful horse Danger. This was only horse he would ride for the remainder of his films. Don Daring went on to make ten more “B” westerns with Biscut as his sidekick, including Blazing Six-Guns as well as the legendary Bordertown Badges.

Working for INFINITY STUDIOS he made exclusively low budget westerns and eventually became the very last of the “B” heroes to young children at movie theaters and on their television screens. Since the B-Western genre had already dropped sharply in box office popularity, Don Daring went into retirement in 1971. Altogether, Daring appeared in over 10 movies between 1967 and 1971, in a career that was all to brief.

Personal Life

While performing in minor roles at INFINITY STUDIOS, Don Daring met his soon to be wife Carol M. Lane. They are still married today. The couple currently reside in Montana. They had no children. To the delight of his few fans…Don Daring who is a very private person… has recently attended a few of the western festivals around the country.


Although he has never received the recognition of his contribution to the motion picture industry, Don Daring has said…” The only recognition I need is the enjoyment I hope I have given my fans…..few as they may have been….”.

Complete Filmography

  • Riding for Trouble, 1967
  • · Blazing Six-Guns, 1967
  • · Bordertown Badges, 1967
  • · Sheriff of Rivertown, 1968
  • · Smoke Signals, 1968
  • · Heading West, 1968
  • · Bandits on the Trail, 1969
  • · The Flaming Arrow, 1969
  • · The Fighting Reb, 1970
  • · The Kid from Ambush Flats, 1970
  • · Bandits of Boulder Pass, 1971 (incomplete & unreleased)
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